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    These small jerkbaits are gliders and slow sinking. The weight is approx. 50 grams length is 13 cm.
  2. Pikeminded

    The Big Rear End Detail

    2.5 oz. Glider Sinking. Tried some small changes to the regular body with this lure. Biggest one is the Big Rear End
  3. Pikeminded

    The Big Rear End

  4. Pikeminded

    9" Silver foil glider

    Just gazed at it for al prolonged period of time. Bait is just alive. The way the fading of black and white is done is so soft and nicely done. Great work on foil and paint. It comes together in a simple but very hard way. in a calm and balanced pattern. Don't know how to call it ,but thinking this is one of the best baits for me which I have ever seen. Just picked building again and your baits always have a big surprise for me every time i look at them. Thanks for showing your work, a lot of lurebuilders are inspirated by your baits ! Alfons
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    Solar, Bait is approx. 11 cm, a bit over 4 inch. Thanks for the compliments guys !
  6. Pikeminded


    @Braided Line : thanks for the compliments, always welcome. @Herwin : I was checking out this site for some John Snows and more inspiration and was thinking : "Could post some Dutch baits here as well." Far better advertisement than those stigmas about our little country..... no more tulips, wooden shoes or marihuana but just plain honest bait-tinkering from Holland. Funny we bumped in eachother on an American forum. We practically meet once every two weeks and fish for pike , can't wait when the ice really starts to melt, haven't seen a fish in 5 weeks, don't even remember the inside of my boat..... But i saw your posts too, great work on that Sick Zander with the purple belly ! @Gobo : Those eyes I did are plain plastic puppet-eyes. These are 14 mm in diameter and you could order those anywhere, I guess. Just get a plier and cut the pin on the back end from the eyes away. Ik drill a hole of 15 mm in the bait and sink it approximately 2-4 mm in the bait. When that is done, take an 8 mm drill and drill a small hole in the middle to sink the remains of the pin. Get your Superglue and put the eyes in. Tip : try to put the eyes on the exact same spot on the other side of the bait. If you go to all this trouble and the 2 eyes are crooked that would be a sheer waist of your time and bait. another tip : is one of the eyes out of bounce, put some filler in it and try it again the other day. Try it, it looks more difficult than it really is ! Greetzz from Holland
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  8. Pikeminded

    Darter 2 1/2 oz

  9. Pikeminded

    2 Burning Perches from Holland

    Thanks for your remarks guys. working on some new baits already.
  10. Pikeminded

    2 Burning Perches from Holland

    Upper bait is a Glider weighing in a bit more than 2 oz. Smaller bait is a Solid and weighing approx. 1.5 oz. Both categorized as Northern Pike baits. Bye
  11. Haha, because ik dat wel leuk vond staan omdat hij beetje donker leek! maar zal niet meer doen dan haha:P! xD

  12. Pikeminded

    bass jerkbait

    Like that bait ! only thing : what are the three white spots on that gill? furthermore the rest is in very good balance, model and colours.
  13. Pikeminded


    Love that Northern Pike print of yours Simon. Very good solid craftsmanship.