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  1. Basscandy92040

    Lee Pots Help

    I have 3 small and 1 large. I learned from one of the big time hand pour guys from the 80's his label was "Fishing Musician". Yes there is a learning curve. For the hand poured worms, swim baits and creatures that's all I use. No salt. as it will not let the rod seal the spout. Work great for the narrow baits, as long as you get the plastic nice and hot to get the thin stream. # color pours are pretty darn good. my 2 cents.
  2. Basscandy92040


    Thanks for the pics Big Ray. I am glad the baits worked out!!!!
  3. Basscandy92040


    Was going to post what you just figured out. I have that problem if mold are cold also will happen when plastic is too cool...
  4. Basscandy92040

    Lure Craft Silicon Single Tail Grub Mold

    Mine is the 5X418
  5. Basscandy92040

    Lure Craft Silicon Single Tail Grub Mold

    I have some of LC's grub molds, the tail is like the mogambo grub..I cant remember the number of the mold. I can check when I get home if you'd like.
  6. Basscandy92040

    Zoom Green Pumpkin Magic Flake Color

    I use hologram silver glitter when I made mine....
  7. Basscandy92040

    Zoom Green Pumpkin Magic Flake Color

    How does it hold up to the heat?
  8. Basscandy92040

    Scaredfishless Tackle Company

    Cool site. Great photos of your baits!
  9. Basscandy92040

    Lizzard Mold

    Those look great!!!!! Never seen them before...Never seen a mold like that either.
  10. Basscandy92040

    Lurecraft Molds, Are They Decent? And Pop Vs Silicone

    Oh no. The tiny bubble issue has raised its head again... I have been using LW plastic for quite some time. The bubble can be problematic. However, if you heat up at half power it helps. It takes longer to heat up but that's what I do. I also do most of my pouring in Lee Pots so if there are some bubbles they rise to the top after a little time. After heating you can let plastic sit for a bit and allow the bubbles to rise then just use a spoon to scoop them out. Shake/mix well. I use a combo of soft and hard for my plastics. I experienced for the first time what happened to you. It was a few days since I poured last and mixed up my soft plastic in 5 gal bucket. I just scooped some out and poured without remixing and the baits were super soft and didn't harden up....Dummy me, I should have mixed it again..
  11. Basscandy92040

    Lurecraft Molds, Are They Decent? And Pop Vs Silicone

    I have a bunch of LC molds and they work great. I have the 6 inch Sluggo mold and it is just like the real sluggo. Shinny
  12. Basscandy92040

    Has Anyone Tried This Salt?

    That's what I use....
  13. Basscandy92040

    Senko Plastisol Question

    Thanks for the tip! Thanks for checking the site...Big Ray
  14. Basscandy92040

    Senko Plastisol Question

    BIG RAY, I saw the responses. I didn't get the 80 grit I got 40/70 grit. Looks pretty fine. 6 lb jar of it. I have not tried it yet, but I cant wait. No salt = less colorant is what I am guessing. I use Lure works soft plastic, it is not as soft as LC but I have been using for a while and great results. I had my softener figured out with salt. I have a hand pour stick bait mold I will try a small batch with some left over plastic. Thanks to all and their responses.
  15. Basscandy92040

    Senko Plastisol Question

    I just picked up some 40/70 grit glass media from Harbor Freight last night. 6lbs. Thought I'd give it a try. Didn't want to buy 25 pounds of the 80 grit. Have you tried it before? I am curious to see how it works instead of salt....Thanks for the tip!