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  1. Tom in Sweetwater

    Some Punkin' Seeds

    Glad to hear it, looking forward to seeing them.
  2. Tom in Sweetwater

    Some Punkin' Seeds

  3. Tom in Sweetwater

    Glueing Eyes

    I use 10 min epoxy. I top coat with automotive urethane, and it becomes completely invisible. On baits with a deep socket, I put enough to let it push out around the edges and when top coated it looks like it is part of the bait.
  4. Tom in Sweetwater

    Wire For Through Wire Construction

    I am going to get some decent drawings done and post them up to see what the experts think about construction. All great info so far.
  5. Tom in Sweetwater

    Wire For Through Wire Construction

    Thanks Bob. I am trying to make a wood lure that is loosely based on the Mud Bug. I just want a craw that looks and swims like a craw.
  6. Tom in Sweetwater

    Wire For Through Wire Construction

    I am in the process of designing a new bait. I am going to make it from balsa or basswood. I am going to make it in two halves to facilitate easier through wire construction. It will be approx. 3" long and use #4 hooks What wire would you all recommend? Supplier, diameter, material? If they work as intended, I hope to do small scale production. Thanks in advance for your input.
  7. Tom in Sweetwater

    0.3 Airbrush Tip

    If it is bubbling in the cup, it probably means that the air cap or nozzle is clogged. Ask me how I know. (Had to deal with this today myself)
  8. Tom in Sweetwater

    Pricing Help

    Great lures that catch fish today are what become collectibles tomorrow.
  9. Tom in Sweetwater

    Painting Bluegill Stripes....

    Yes, this is where the practice part kicks in. I am constantly changing how I do things as I get better. It's part of the process. One thing to do is not work on one at a time. Get half a dozen working at once, you will see a big increase in how fast your knowledge accumulates.
  10. Tom in Sweetwater

    Little Petey Question

    A customer of mine handed me four original Little Petey's in great condition. He wants me to do repaints on two, and I keep the other two. Who knows what they are worth as is? I really am reluctant to repaint my two if they have value as is.
  11. Tom in Sweetwater

    Pricing Help

    I charge the same to do a repaint as I do for one of my stock baits. There is no savings when they supply the lure. Removing hooks and rings, taping, sanding etc.. Unless they are a regular customer, I require at least 3-4 baits in the same pattern just to get started. If they get the number to 10 or so, then we can talk a little discount. If you have any talent at all, don't sell it short. People will pay for quality. Remember, your quality is your product, not your time. Don't ever compromise it.
  12. Tom in Sweetwater


    You can do a test to see if it interferes with your paint, but alcohol should not effect anything. It will evaporate almost instantly. I regularly use a lint free cloth and alcohol to prep for painting and clear coat. Also tack cloth to remove any lint from the lint-free cloth (no such thing, lol)
  13. Tom in Sweetwater

    Rainbow Trout Help

    Here's my rainbow pattern. Pearl white basecoat, gold candy on the upper half, medium green faded on top of the gold, light salmon colored stripe, and a billion little dark green dots.
  14. Tom in Sweetwater

    Painting Bluegill Stripes....

    First, thanks for holding me up as a good example, lol. Second, the issue you may be having may be due to paint. I am using urethane paint, 10 or so PSI and a .2 tip. I can do that because my paint is literally thinner than water. The tape trick above might work for you with a little modification. Cut a rectangular window in a piece of plastic (milk jug will do) a little wider and a little longer than the stripe you want to paint. Now tear the tape as mentioned above and attach it to the window, with a gap a little narrower than the stripe you want. Secure your bait so you can work with both hands. Hold the window slightly away from the bait and spray through. The extra distance should give a softer edge. If you make a long enough window you can use a different sections for each stripe so you don't have to do a new one for each. Then you might carefully add a few dots of paint here and there along each stripe to break them up a little. Hope this helps, and I look forward to seeing how this works for you!
  15. Tom in Sweetwater

    Lucky Craft Finish

    The thing about that Lucky prismatic effect is it's on the inside of the bait.