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  1. Eagle Claw #255 Size 3/0 - Qty: 600 = $40 Free Shipping/Tracking. No Taxes. Inbox/PM to purchase.
  2. Eagle Claw #775 Size 1/0 Treble 4X Strong - Qty: 800 = $100 Eagle Claw #775 Size 1 Treble 4X Strong - Qty: 1000 = $100 Free Shipping/Tracking. No Taxes. Inbox/PM to purchase.
  3. Sniper

    VMC 9170NI 5/0 Hooks

    VMC Siwash #9170NI Size 5/0 3X Strong Closed Eye - Qty: 1000 = $100 VMC Siwash #9170NI Size 5/0 3X Strong Closed Eye - Qty: 400 = $50 Free Shipping/Tracking. No Taxes. Inbox/PM to purchase.
  4. Does someone here have the tabletop machine and capabilities to make a wire form at least .062? If this is a possibility, I will send you a picture and then a sample. Feel free to send a PM or email Troy at: Fishing@StriperSniper.com Thanks!
  5. Sniper

    3D Molded Eyes

    I have the following 3D molded eyes for sale. These are made by WTP and the same ones you get from Barlows and others. Lot 1: $55.00 - shipped 3/16" - Color 181(Silver) = 880 3/16" - Color 25 (Red) = 937 Lot 2: $55.00 - shipped 7/32" - Color 181(Silver) = 898 7/32" - Color 25 (Red) = 946 Lot 3: $35.00 - shipped 1/4" - Color 181(Silver) = 700 1/4" - Color 25(Red) = 400 fishing@stripersniper.com Thanks!
  6. I want to purchase a used 1-Station Tabletop Shuttle Machine manufactured by PowerPak Industries. These are used to make blister packs. Any advice or contacts are appreciated. Thanks, Troy fishing@stripersniper.com
  7. wchilton, I'm looking for custom wholesale in bulk. I should have clarified that. Thanks....
  8. Thanks Jdeee, I'm about ready to give up. I know most of them are made overseas but was hoping someone might have a contact.
  9. Anyone have a source for the marine grade offshore lure bags? The kind that have a vinyl front and mesh back? Thanks! Troy
  10. It would be nice if you had options in Texas where you are posting from but I don't know of any. If you are just starting out, you won't find a better option than Carolina Mike. He is very good at what he does and very helpful....
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  13. Dave, why didn't you mention this in your first post? The original poster, J Lure, was asking for recommendations and if you have a number to China I'm sure we would all love to have it.
  14. I've ordered from Johnson bags twice in the past two years. 2 years ago they had a 15,000 minimum but you would receive 16,000 from the manufacturer. Last year they were able to reduce the minimum to 10,000 but you will receive 12,000 from the manufacturer. They use the +/- 20% rule. The printing plates also ran $200-$250 for each color but of course these can be used over and over again. Make sure your design is perfect so you don't have to re-make plates if you change your design down the road. Also, most bags like these are made in China and companies in the US are sourcing out the wo
  15. Greene LE Corp Dba GLC Fishing (843) 237-8698 20 Japonica PL, Pawleys Island, SC 29585-8110 http://www.glcfishing.com
  16. Mike is right, I own the injection mold for that particular worm. Troy
  17. Actually, that's exactly what they did for me. They were even able to use my PDF instead of the master AI file.
  18. Any graphics design company will be able to do what you're looking for. There is not a special "software program" that plastic bag manufacturers use. I would use a company near you so you can stop by for revisions and discuss your ideas. But first I would decide on the plastic bag company and see what format they prefer the artwork to be in. I decided to go with Johnson Bags because they had the lowest minimum quantity I could find (16K) and Doreen was great to work with and very helpful. Plan on spending around $2500 for your first order which will include your plate set-up fees. Troy
  19. Thanks for the feedback Pete. I'm glad you like them! So far the only problem I've found is keeping them in stock...
  20. Hey Pete, Just buy them from WTP directly. They make most of the eyes that these other outlets are selling and they make them up to 3/4". You just have to buy 1000 at a time per size per color. 1000 3/8" eyes will cost you $46.36. www.wtp-inc.com and ask for a manufacturers catalog Troy
  21. Thanks David for the feedback. That's kinda along the same lines as I was thinking. The only reason I ask is because there is someone on the web selling Eagle Claw hooks for about the same price as Shorty's and there's no way he can buy those from Shorty's and make any money. And there's no way he's buying from Wright McGill either...... Troy
  22. Wonder where Shorty's get their hooks? I assume directly from the manufacturer. I've contacted Eagle Claw about becoming a dealer but no response. Actually, the "no response" seems commonplace in the fishing industry. It's amazing they sell anything these days.
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