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  1. StrykerLures


    Do you have any pictures of the boat and engines? Thanks.
  2. Hello TU friends, I had a few questions about my 79' Tidecraft. I just bought a 1979 Tidecraft bass boat. The guy I bought it from told me it had some electrical problem that they couldn't figure out. Here's some of the items they said didn't work, Here's what he told me - "Most electrical components in boat don't work (Lights, Inverter, Fish Tank Aeroator, fuel guage)" The motor, Fishfinder bilge pump still work, Possibly the trolling motor. I need a manual on the wiring (if anyone knows where to get the manual from) and any tips and advice about wiring it. I'll try and add a few pictures of the boat to give all of you an idea. Any help would be appriciated. Go here if you want some pictures of the boat, Thanks a lot everyone.
  3. StrykerLures


    Hello, I wanted to know if you would be willing to trade for the boat possibly? Or are you firm on cash? Let me know. Thanks a lot.
  4. StrykerLures

    Wooden Lure Blanks?

    "how much time" and Money, your willing to spend.
  5. StrykerLures

    Tools For Making Wirethrough

    I've actually had luck with the "Heavy Duty Wireformer" while bending .62 wire. I've even been able to bend .71 wire. You have to have the conversion kit to make it work though. But yes there are no wire benders that actually say it will bend higher then .51. But if your careful and do it right then (from what I have done) it will go up to .71. I hope this helps
  6. StrykerLures

    Need An Airbrush

    I bought a Badger 155 Anthem for $150 or so. Its a nice airbrush. limited size though. no extra needles are even made (as far as I can tell). I recently got a Iwata Eclipse with a 5mm needle. Very nice. I've been spraying 1" - Pencil lines very nicely (pencil lines was run at under 5 PSI) and the 1" is anything about 10 or so. The Iwata is also a very nice price. about $100 from Make sure you get "Airbrush Restorer" and if you can afford it, a Cleaning kit. For a small needle airbrush. Its a must. I've also tried a Master set I bought for $140 that came with 2 Airbrushes. 1 of them never worked at all. I know Master is a decent company but It didn't work when I got it and to this day still will not suck up the Paint. I would go with an Iwata. my tops list would go 1. Iwata 2. Badger 3. SOME Master airbrushes. I hope this helped
  7. StrykerLures

    Muskie Blade Turner?

    I airbrush my Blades, I only spray the front so I usually use a "stick" or some kind and something like chewing gum. maybe scotch tape folded on its self and a small piece of wood to hold it up. Other then that a rubber band through the hole tightly. lite airbrushing, the only spot that doesn't get covered is where the split ring will be anyways so It seems to be fine. a More professional finish. maybe a piece of wire going through the hole in a diamond shape. wide at the bottom. it will make it so that no piece of the metal is touching the blade.
  8. StrykerLures

    Hardbait Cookbook

    Speaking of the HBCB. I can't find it anywhere. can someone send it to me or let me know where I can find it? Thanks a lot everyone
  9. StrykerLures

    Drying wheel.JPG

    what do you use to hold he lures in place? I see the 8 holders, is it a screw rob with a hook at the end? Also, It is a very nice drying wheel? what kind of motor do you use on it? Thanks a lot.
  10. StrykerLures

    Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    Thanks for all the Tips guys. I'll be trying all them out tomorrow If anyone has any other tips, I would be really glad to hear them. I am very willing to try every technique all of you give me. Thanks for all the Help guys. Another thing is it mostly gets clogged on my Opaque White. Also Any tips on some home made cleaners would be appreciated also. Thanks a lot everyone
  11. StrykerLures

    Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    Hello everyone. I have a Specific Question I didn't see in any other of these topics. What do you use to Thin out Createx Airbrush paint and What is the Ratio? My Airbrush is not working very well for paints and is getting clogged a lot . The only Liquids that go through it are Airbrush Cleaner and Water. I know thinning the paint is what I need to do (Besides changing out the tips and needle) but I can't find the Right ratio. I heard Acetone or Denatured Alcohol will work. But I need the Mix Ratio for those. I also wanted to know if there was anything else out there I could mix it with? Any help will be appreciated. Please send some E-mails to me. Click Here to E-mail me ( - Bryan
  12. StrykerLures

    Custom "brand Name" Lure Decals?

    Hey there everyone, I wanted to know if anyone knows where I could get some of the Decals companies use on Bucktail blades that say the company name? I've tries Stamping, Writing and Airbrushing, Non of it works very well, So I figured I would ask if anyone know where to get some Custom ones from? Or just some that say a name. Thanks a lot guys. - StrykerLures
  13. StrykerLures

    How Does Everyone Carve Out Hard Wood Blanks?

    Hmm. Has anyone made any kind of homemade belt sander? I saw on a show they have a Belt sander that's only touching the 2 spindles on each end and someone holds a wood block to the backside of the sanding belt and presses down until the sandpaper is touching what there sanding. I suppose if you put the Wood blank in Bench Clamp And do that It would work pretty good. You could get the top pretty good and then flip it and rotate the Blank however you need to. Mount the belt on a small motor and a Little wheel on the other side, It might work pretty well. Let me know if any of you have tried that yet. I'm going to ATTEMPT to build one =P
  14. StrykerLures

    How Does Everyone Carve Out Hard Wood Blanks?

    From what everyone has been saying I'm going to guess that the best way to do it is with a bandsaw. Do you all use a router to round out the edges?
  15. StrykerLures

    Best Topwater Color?

    Black is probably the best, But also White or Yellow would be good too. Frog colors, If your going for Musky then Duck colors are always good, I had some success with Gold and Purple too. Has anyone ever noticed the big companies that sell top water frogs always paint the top of the lure but not the bottom? I think that is odd because the fish cant see the top, I think the only reason they do it is because they want the guy or girl buying the lure will think it looks good but not knowing that no matter how it's painted on top, its only the bottom that matters. is that just me that feels that way? =P