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  1. I wasn't sure if the Teflon coating would cause any different outgasing or fumes , I have been looking the type of pan you say works best for you but haven't found one with a pouring spout yet. Thanks
  2. I have only been pouring since this spring and have used the small cheap pans sold on the website that I purchased my plastic from, but they are not very good and don't hold a lot of plastic. I saw a pan that looked to be better than what I have but is it ok to use a Teflon coated pan to pour with?
  3. nanticoke

    Albino Shad

    nice bait what action does it have, similar to shad rap?
  4. nanticoke

    Small Cover Crank

    Does the Sintra wood have a different buoyancy than balsa. And love the color pattern on this bait.
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