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  1. Hooklineandsinker

    Irregular Mesh Pattern

    The "Spider Mesh" worked great. Bought it at Joanne Fabrics. Sprayed Elmers Adhesive to adhere
  2. Hooklineandsinker

    Irregular Mesh Pattern

    Stretcher - THAT'S IT. Thanks
  3. Hooklineandsinker

    Shad and a Craw

    Latest Shad attempt
  4. Hooklineandsinker

    Irregular Mesh Pattern

    Cool look. Still not the look of this mesh. It's almost like taking chewing gum and stretching it and holes ripping open along the way.
  5. Hooklineandsinker

    Irregular Mesh Pattern

    Bath scrunchies and wedding veil is what I have always used too. This is a very irregular pattern with different size openings. Hard to describe. I have a picture, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to add it to my text
  6. Hooklineandsinker

    Irregular Mesh Pattern

    I have always painted through fabric mesh to get a scale pattern. Lately, I have noticed scale patterns that seem to be painted through some sort of mesh that has a very irregular pattern. Any idea what this mesh is and where it is available?
  7. Hooklineandsinker


    Carver, looks good. Question, do you make the coffin bill or do you have a supplier? I would be interested in purchasing some of the bills if you would share your source.
  8. Hooklineandsinker

    Coffin Shaped Bills

    Thanks!!!! I ordered them.
  9. Hooklineandsinker

    Coffin Shaped Bills

    Does anyone know of a supplier that sells coffin shaped bills with line ties that can be used for handmade balsa cranks?
  10. Hooklineandsinker

    Devcon 2 Undercoating Issue

    I agree on sealing the bait with D2T. I seal my balsa crankbaits with Devcon 30 min. After dry, I sand until smooth, then airbrush and seal again with D2T after painting is complete. Works great
  11. Hooklineandsinker

    Painting A Reel

    I am also interested in the clear coat. I have painted a couple reels (createx) which turned out very nice. However, I used automotive clear coat in a rattle can and after a season of fishing, the finish became gummy at wear areas and the finish and paint came off in those areas. I was told my a guy that owns a body shop that all rattle can clear coat is susceptible to heat from the sun and will become gummy. I read the answer about the 2 part clear coat. How is it applied?
  12. Hooklineandsinker

    Mesh Scratching Paint On Cranks

    Thanks, great suggestions
  13. Hooklineandsinker

    Mesh Scratching Paint On Cranks

    Thanks. It's funny how soft the material feels to the touch and how quickly it can scratch the paint.
  14. Hooklineandsinker

    Mesh Scratching Paint On Cranks

    After trying several types of mesh for my crankbaits, I have settled on a shower puff. I like the way the material is flexable and sturdy. However, I notice that if the mesh is pulled too hard across the newly painted surface - "bamb" the mesh scratches the paint. Any one else have this issue or a solution?
  15. Hooklineandsinker

    Best Airbrush For Painting Cranks

    I have been painting crank baits for about a year now. I taught myself with a Paasche VL, but I feel I am missing the ability to achieve fine lines that I see on some work. What do you feel is the best airbrush for painting crank baits for fine detail work?