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  1. streloc78

    First Muskie

    It is not a trophy, but that is my first musky, on my own made spinner. Finally ..
  2. streloc78

    Wood Density Chart

    Check this out:
  3. streloc78


    Thank you
  4. streloc78


    My first presentable paint job. Image with mirror
  5. streloc78


    My first presentable paint job.
  6. streloc78

    Maybe An Easier Way To Make Stencil

    Styrofoam, from hot cups. They are easy to cut, cheap, but not durable. I also use table top cover made from soft plastic, jugs that are made of clear plastic, ant even regular paper.
  7. streloc78

    Airbrush Clogging

    I will definitively try that.
  8. streloc78

    Airbrush Clogging

    Just on same topic (airbrush clogging). I have Master G22 after 20 minutes thinned Createx spraying the airbrush clogged and then messed up everything that I have painted before. I have tried 3 more times before giving up. Can this clogging be the result of the cheap airbrush or something else. I am using Createx AUTO colors, thinned with water and floor finish. I have cleaned the airbrush with alcohol 70%, with back and forward action. I am shooting under 20 - 10 psi with tank. Should I change the airbrush or just practice more.... Thank you.. Steve
  9. streloc78

    Masking Tape

    May be it is not me after all.....
  10. streloc78

    Masking Tape

    Good morning all, I have got yet another failure last night painting hell hound. I have used masking tape to out line the painting area and some how paint leaked under the tape. I have used Createx diluted with water and Pledge with future (by the way great idea to use Pledge). After each session I would blow dry it. Is there a possibility that the blow dryer is pushing paint under the tape or should I use some other method to out line the painting area? THX Steve
  11. streloc78

    Help With My Topcoat

    I've used Etex on my spinner's heads successfully, however I did wait until Etex would start to set before application. For the lures top coat I have build a drying wheel. It is very easy, get regular rotisserie something like that: Ace Trading-Grill ACC 2 8005621 Deluxe Rotisserie 36" Basically, if you have a motor that does around 6 rpm and a rod it should be easy. Also I have used Radio Shack alligator clams to hold the lure in place.
  12. streloc78

    shit roach crank bait and smelt jerkbait

    Thank you very much for the video provided. As a rookie it is very helpful to see how the different things are done, at least for me. Beautiful job. Thank you
  13. streloc78

    Glueing Eyes On Jigs

    I have tried to use Super Glue and Head Cement, just to get eyes on to the powder painted surface. Super Glue work just fine, but Head Cement turned glued area in yellow for some reason. I am covering my spinner baits and will cover jig in a layer of Envirotex. The reason for that, is after one trip all my powder painted spinners and jigs are "destroyed" by hitting underwater the rocks. Other wise use epoxy.
  14. streloc78

    Stencil Material

    Thank you all for suggestions. Will try them all.
  15. streloc78

    Stencil Material

    Thank you, I will definitely try that.