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  1. Bluegill

    Thanks buddy got a customer that loves this pattern
  2. Threadfin

    Kajay it's a bull shad made by mike bucca
  3. Threadfin

    I've been around Brent my day job has been busy but finally got some slack in my schedule I'm wide open on lures right now been slacking on posting them I'm gonna try to do better lol
  4. Gill

  5. Bluegill

  6. Threadfin

  7. Threadfin

  8. Threadfin

  9. bluegill

    This is a decal transfer I do very regularly this one is 8 inch bullshad
  10. Gizzard Shad

    Thank you
  11. Gizzard Shad

  12. Gizzard Shad

  13. Gizzard Shad

  14. Gizzard Shad

  15. Gizzard Shad