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  1. p.m. sent
  2. It works. That's how I correct most of my mistakes
  3. glad to have helped
  4. when I get the message to log in I just click on the browse link and all is fine. It opens up to the forums without a problem
  5. Same issue using Fire Fox
  6. She is definitely a " KEEPER ". You can send her over to my house to help out ANYTIME
  7. now you've sparked my interest. Resize that puppy and giter posted
  8. Ted Any word on your attempt to have these made at a cheaper price
  9. so will mine
  11. what mold are you talking about. I have a few of his molds.
  12. Quitting smoking was one of the easiest things I have ever done. DID IT 7 TIMES. Been smoke free for 35+ years now
  13. Too many to count or remember
  14. I have had one pair for over 4 years.Just started to get dull. I touch them up with a fine file. Mostly use these on my bigger sinkers. Bought another pair to use on my jlgs
  15. I use them for the same JIG HEADS up to 3 ounces. Not much cleaning up. Sometimes I will make 2 cuts depending on where the sprue is.Also works great on large sinkers and custom jigs that I DO