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  1. wasn't that the 570h which is still available
  2. HERE IS THE GUY THAT MAKES CARBON MOLDS https://www.facebook.com/Dnkjigmolds
  3. 4/0 = $10.00 per 100 5/0 = $10.50 per 100
  4. I have about 600 of 4/0 and 5/0 if any one is looking for some
  5. I believe they were a special run that Barlow's had Eagle Claw make for them. They were available in 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and 6/0 but are no longer being made. they are the exact same hook as the reg 635 hook but with a black platinum finish
  6. Tyvek is FREE. Go to the post office and get the PRIORITY MAIL ENVELOPS , cut them to fit , either glue them to the bottom of cups or hold in with a test cap (with center knocked out )
  7. All ready thought of that. Just haven't had the time to look for them
  8. Yes it states that you must let it cool down to 160 degrees before unplugging it. This can take upwards of an hour or more. It comes assembled with the base plate attached. There as a nut attached to the leg under the base plate, but you can not see how it is attached to the unit itself with out taking the whole thing apart.
  9. pours great. It is good to pour sinkers and any mold that doesn't have a hook or wire coming out somewhere on the mold. The mold holder limits this. I use it with out the mold rest. PITA. Most do-it molds will work unless you are pouring heavy jigs with large hooks. The digital function is great and keeps the temp very well. This unit also does not have a shut off switch and must be unplugged when you are thru for the day. Can't wait to get my old unit repaired .
  10. Just a word of caution, the new RCBS pot is a pain in the a$$. It is about 1.5 inches lower than the old pot and most of my custom molds do not fit under it and must be poured by ladle. If you try to use the mold holder it really doesn't work because of the u shape design. Any mold that has the hook protruding thru the bottom of the mold is very difficult to pour. THIS POUR POT IS BASICALLY MADE FOR THE BULLET MAKER AND NOT VERY GOOD FOR JIG POURING. Just my 2 cents. LOVE THE OLD STYLE
  11. Matzo has been out of business for about 6 months. All of their sickle hooks have been grabbed up. You might try the eagle claw little nasty's (Eagle Claw #500)
  12. This is true but, but i believe you can deduct the amount you paid as a business expense at the end of the year when you file your Federal Income tax
  13. m.t.pockets

    Fluid bed

    Last time I purchased this it was $90.00 per sheet. Believe me you can get cut a lot of disks from one sheet http://atlasmin.com/products-2/industrial-compounds/industrial-compounds-porous-plastics/industrial-compounds-porous-plastics/
  14. I have 3000 # 10 DELUXE NICKLE crane swivels (#55-10-01) from Hagens FishingSupply ) 1 pkg 1000 and 1 pkg 2000. Will sell for cost of 2000 shipping included
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