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  1. Wow!- Barlow's catalog

    I also live about 20 minutes from Barlow's and I have my PAY CHECK set up as a direct deposit with them. All the new products make shopping more difficult and a lot more expensive.
  2. Ned rig mold

    Its easier to just use PLUMBERS PUTTY to fill in the areas. Doesn't harden and easy to remove
  3. Modifying a do-it mold

    You can just tape the eye in the position you need, close the mold and place the mold in a vice. close the vice and it should leave an impression which will accommodate your needs
  4. New do-it swimbait jig head

    I have it and can pour you some
  5. Underspin heads

    p.m. sent
  6. Remelting a jig that has been pwoder coated

    It works. That's how I correct most of my mistakes
  7. Strange Login Issue

    glad to have helped
  8. Strange Login Issue

    when I get the message to log in I just click on the browse link and all is fine. It opens up to the forums without a problem
  9. Login Issues

    Same issue using Fire Fox
  10. I Love My Wife!

    She is definitely a " KEEPER ". You can send her over to my house to help out ANYTIME
  11. New Jigs

    now you've sparked my interest. Resize that puppy and giter posted
  12. Do-It Herring Head Underspin Wireforms

    Ted Any word on your attempt to have these made at a cheaper price
  13. Do-It Herring Head Underspin Wireforms

    so will mine
  14. Porcupine Sinkers

  15. Shawn Collins Swim Jig Mold Question

    what mold are you talking about. I have a few of his molds.