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  1. Just wondering if anyone has come up with an alternative to the WB400 wires or built a homemade bending system for them . Getting old and lazy and don't want to hand bend a bunch of them or pay the price. I can order bulk but 100,0000 for a thousand bucks but I wouldn't live long enough to use near that many .
  2. I do it this way . Squish all the air out of the bag. Then use a card that folds over the top and extends down the back of the bag .
  3. I just hang the heads in apple cider vinegar . Shiny and etched in a few hours.
  4. Follow the previous advice but first when you buy the jig Check to see if the thread has been clear coated where it was tied. Then a day or so before you use it . Spread the hair out to expose the shank of the hook. Put a couple drops of clear coat (clear nail polish will work) at the base of the tie on the hook shank. Allow it to soak towards the head on the interior. This should increase the longevity of your lure . Except for the fish with teeth. Then it's just a matter of how many descriptive adjectives it takes you to calm down.
  5. If you use wheel weights go to Youtube and check out wheel weight identification . Not all weights are the same . Some are composite and the chemicals in them will eat up your lead pot over time.
  6. I'm lazy so I don't grind . I just pour the left over plastic on a cookie sheet. Roll it up and drop it in a zip - lock when its cool . When I'm ready to use it I roll it up tight like jelly roll cut it in thin slices with a sharp kitchen knife . Looks kinda like veggie pasta. Had no trouble packing it in a cup and heating normally around 2.5 minutes nuking it . Depends somewhat on the plastic.
  7. You tube has some vids on at home electro plating . Didn't look to be rocket science . Pretty straight forward.
  8. A dream come true . On my bucket list now .
  9. There are a lot of products I could use I suppose . Thanks everyone . I guess I will have to just wait until the real thing comes along . That usually means something that passed customs before U.S. law was changed .
  10. If you are hand bending I'd follow smalljaw's lead.
  11. .035 would be as big as you can go and still get the clevis on . I'm getting a little senile so best check the clevis hole . Might I ask what bender you are using.
  12. All my pics died with my last computer . But Get you some good quality marabou and like I said a carpet needle unless you are going to do something 4 or 5 inches. Run it through the bait then stick the quill end through the eye of the needle . Bend the quill tip back over the eye pull it threw . you will need to lube the first half inch of the feather . Once out adjust the length and snip the quill. Now if you want something like that for a ned head , cut a senko in half and follow the same procedure except you will probably need a leather craft needle . They are longer and sharper so watch out .
  13. Did it for years . Also made fuzzy grubs the same way .
  14. Big ole carpet needle . Does just fine . Does not even have to have a sharp point . Just thread a partial tab threw the eye just enough to pull it through the body . Then put some scent oil on the rest to grease it up so you can move it into an even position .
  15. This is just my 2 cents. I'm sure there will be opposing opinions . 1st use a folded clevis 2nd use a metal bead under the clevis to act as a bearing and reduce friction . 3rd when you cast it out start reeling then give a yank low and to the side a bit then catch up the line quickly , continue to retrieve . This starts nearly any type blade to spin more proficiently .
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