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  1. Yep #4 on second pic . 3.5 on first pic. I've had fewer issues with folded clevis . No issues on the inline blade . Amother often overlooked blade is the June bug blade and various prop type blades. Prop blades are more common on bait rigs .
  2. The bottom pic has one of the few blades that do not need a clevis. It is almost infallible. Unless specified by someone I almost always use a folded clevis.
  3. Been looking for those myself . Looks like we are out of luck.
  4. Super glue reacts to nylon threads. Flat waxed ect. Cotton , silk, rayon will absorb it .
  5. toadfrog


    I'll give it a shot . Thanks my friend.
  6. toadfrog


    That is exactly my problem . No matter where you get a swivel there seems to be no real standard . It will be the length that varies .050 one way or another between manufactures here or abroad. Abroad is worse. I acquired 100,000 swivels of varied sizes unidentified and mixed. They are now sorted. Ergo the Identity problem . It's going to bite me in hind end if I sell them and get it wrong.
  7. toadfrog


    Is there any chart on swivel sizes and measurements without contacting suppliers directly with emails or phone calls. All I've seen have pull pounds and length . I need a bit more info than that.
  8. If you are bending the hook ya might want to check the quality of your lead. Sounds like it pretty tough stuff. Even Wal - Mart carries flush cutters in the jewelry section.
  9. Lil Nasty is my choice unless I'm doing lures that go to toothy fish or salt water . Brown hooks of any kind or make are not found in my inventory. Just saying. LOL
  10. Yes I have owned several. They were good molds. makes a clean head without the need for gate cutters. Very tiny sprue ports . Probably would have to have some experience pouring in order not to have issues.
  11. Use printers lead. comes up for sale periodically. I wouldn't want to ruin good lead because there's plenty of hard as nails lead out there.
  12. Many years ago Like when I was knee high . I heard that referred to as a bird perch or a perch swing. Definitely one your gonna have to make yourself. I made a single blade similar to that for a guy about a month ago. The difference was the head swung not the blades.
  13. Are you referring to a twin spin where the wires are on the left and right or a spinner with 2 vertical wires.
  14. I am looking at the same problem after all these years. I always bought them cut and straight . But unfortunately now I have coils of wire sent to me by a former customer wanting me to make lures for him . At this time the only straighteners I have seen that work are extraordinarily expensive. The little hand held Dubro is made from brass . Stainless steel will eat that up in time . I will be following this.
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