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  1. Hard to find hair?

    Thanks for the info. Push come to shove I'll try it if I can't talk him out of trying to simulate it .
  2. Hard to find hair?

    I guess I should ask , What is the best , closest thing I can use in place of polar bear hair . I can't seem to find any optic fiber in a small enough diameter to tie with and still have any action .
  3. Yes, another powder coat Q: best coverage for multiples

    I used electro static for along time . I covered exposed wire and eyes with low residue painters tape . The coat was consistent and baked out well. When I started scaling back and only do lures for myself and choice friends I went back to vinyl paint with an epoxy coat .
  4. Anyone Developed a Weedless Underspin Yet?

    Oh Lord Pard , your trapped in Oklahoma Too. The moss grow'ingest most'us brush' log and tree filled water outside a swamp there is I think . I was looking at Long Lake Lures Pics . I have in the past used The titanium weed eater line for things like that because it stood being poured in lead . I then put on a blade and swivel by folding a loop crimping down the tag end with a brass or steel sleeve . Don't know if that will be worth anything to ya down the road or not .
  5. Best finish coat to use over CS vinyl paint

    I've used klass Kote for years . But I do very little spraying epoxy coats . I dip or Brush where possible .
  6. Hard to find hair?

    Tie it up and put them out there for sale . Surely you know somebody that buys jigs from you that would like to have some vintage lures.
  7. Hard to find hair?

    Looks like I'm up a stump on this one . Time to do some bear research . I'm wondering what gives the bear the special hair quality we crave as tiers .
  8. Hard to find hair?

    I guess I better ask this given all those tree hugging laws that might cost me time in the slammer . Does anybody know how the synthetic hair does in the water .
  9. Hard to find hair?

    Figured I'd run into that . Guess the guy is out of luck . I'm to far south to drive up there . LOL Besides I don't know anybody that would pay my bail on the way back.
  10. Hard to find hair?

    It has been many years since I had a request to do a hair jig in anything but buck tail , Marabou or hackle . My question is Can you still buy real polar bear hair . Not the synthetic that is pro-ported to be as good .
  11. Striper jigs

    I always clear coat threads on all jigs with epoxy. Especially if the fish have teeth . I use heavy thread and tie as tight as the tread will allow . Heavy thread makes a slightly rough collar but epoxy takes care of that . Over the years i haven't had any complaints of jigs coming apart .
  12. Zeiners

    Hey only does that when you yank on the hook .
  13. Nu-Wave (Induction Cooktop) for Melting?

    Yep I do . First and foremost your container must be all steal no stainless or nothing . If a magnet won't suck up to it. tight then don't use the metal . second heat you plastic in the microwave then put it in the container . Make sure you set the heat first so all you have to do is turn it on . Third make sure the container has no grooves in the bottom or the sides where different colors can hide to contaminate a new color . Fourth You will need to stir occasionally because putting your injector in and out will change the temp inside . It will not heat your injector . !:30 am here to sleepy to think of anything else.
  14. Zeiners

    They are a family tradition with me 1965 or 1967 was the first a family member bought tackle there . I believe I was the first person to mention them on TU.
  15. Bulk Bucktails?

    Chuck and Debs fly tying materials , Mad River on Ebay