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  1. offdtop

    20130926 095359

    Urethane usually some water based, I shoot my clears so no epoxies would be too thick. I disassemble and paint each component unless there's a pattern then I only loosely assemble as necessary to get the pattern then clear individually and reassemble after cured. You do this so it ensures a person can clean the reel later
  2. Bass pattern

    © Bag 5 Baits

  3. This was painted for a gentleman who was a steel worker for 40 years and wanted me to paint a steel plated lure. It was given to him for his last Christmas on this earth. - Mike Russell

    © Bag 5 Baits

  4. search for Autoair metallics.... they make a few different size flakes and if I recall the medium is the brightest. best wat to spray is back your needle out a smidge
  5. offdtop

    Willow Bream

    Playing with some different perch ratterns and loved the way this one turned out
  6. offdtop


    IMO, certain times of the year you have to grab their attention with different. But most times it's match the hatch - whatever is natural forage with a touch of flair.
  7. offdtop

    Blue Craw

    My night time craw
  8. offdtop

    Bullshad threadfin

    Holographic Threadfin
  9. offdtop

    Bullshad Hickory gizzard

    Hickory/Gizzard BullShad
  10. offdtop


    Cougar inspired me i must admit
  11. offdtop


    Played for 2 hours trying to get this one right
  12. offdtop

    Bass Pattern

    Smoke Black, Leaf Green, satin gold, transparent black, crimson red, pearl white, detail moss green All createx and Createx wicked colors
  13. offdtop

    20121004 110713

    Shad Pattern
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