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    Pitchin to heavy hitters. Love fishing in fall and pre-spawn Anyone want to get out fishing just E-mail me
  1. bassbandit25


    What type of handle is that
  2. bassbandit25

    poe repaint

    Now that would catch some hawg here in TN. Good job!
  3. YES Sir thats what I use and its great stuff Use a really good clear coat though I personally love Devcon 2 ton
  4. Welcome to the site hope you find everything your looking for on here. Theres a lot of good guys on here with great information and ideas.
  5. No new molds that i know of. I talked to one of do-its assistant design managers yesterday and he said they are working on a trokar hook to fit their molds.
  6. I agree with shorties. Fast fast shipping and good people.
  7. Very nice action, glad you had so much luck on it. Keep it up.
  8. Thanks John i'm glad you like it. Its still not perfect but its getting there.
  9. I havnt found one but good luck.
  10. This is my prototype casting jig that will be comming out spring of 2011. The color is Missouri craw it has a heavy 4/0 hook. I caught fish the first time I took it out so I was pretty proud. Hope you guys like it.
  11. Now that was a reply lol. Well I guess they all do come off i would just like them to last a day. Where have you guys been getting your d2t 30 min cause everywhere i use to get it has stopped selling it. Thanks PSV and Cadman.
  12. So i've been making a ton of jigs lately and i just cant find a top coat that will last when fished on rocks. They all chip/peel/ or turn yellowish. Also i just dont like powder paint i cant get custom enough colors. So i was wondering if any of you guys new a really good top coat.
  13. When i was fishing in South Carolina i used a custom goldfish jerbait and the went crazy for it i don't know what it is but the sure do eat them up
  14. what did you press on the foil to make the scales
  15. Has anyone else tested the spinning rod made for shakey head fishing? If you have I'm curious to if you have the same opinion as me or maybe i've just become picky. I got it for my birthday and i got it in the mail and felt the action and from my rod building experience if felt like absolute s*** . I decided to give it a try on the water anyway and it has some of the most amazing feel I've ever had in my hand. But the down side to it is it was a tad too long for skipping shakeys under docks, and also the backbone is terrible no matter how hard I hit the fish. I guess i just wanted to see what you all thought and also warn people against.
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