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  1. any body know what are the iridescent crystals that everyone uses in the clear coat on crankbaits and where to buy the stuff thanks steve
  2. asipo123


    any body know where i can get a 4" swimwhizz called the company and they are not making the 4" swim whizz anymore
  3. hi montess they look great what mold did you use?
  4. thanks again for gettin back to me
  5. thanks walking dead what mold are y ou using they look awesome
  6. thanks so much for reponding i catch a lot of hybirds on real night crawlers and wanted to try plastics .
  7. sorry guys i mean color recipe for plastic nightcrawlers
  8. any one have a recipe for nightcrawlers
  9. any one know how to keep the white from turning yellow? i use the stuff thats supposed to keep it from doing that . does'nt seem to help . thanks steve
  10. asipo123

    6oz basstackle injector

    only used once . 55.00 plus shipping
  11. does anyone have suggestions on how to make fish attractant from fish oil in soild form like the fishstick out there. i tryed wax and petolum jelly but the fish oil won't stay mixed after it cools . thanks for your input steve
  12. asipo123

    plastic molds

    the molds are great shape work very well products a great 6" ribbon tail worm i have 3 of them the cost 10.00 apiece new and craw fish and others. 50.00 plus shipping for everything including the injector. thanks steve forgot my e-mail asipo123@yahoo.com
  13. what mold was that frank was using in the video? steve
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