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  1. kingmfg

    spinnerbait parts

    The last 1000 swivels I purchased from Worth 200 were frozen. I didn’t discover it until a lot of baits were packaged for retail. Had to ruin the packaging and test them all.
  2. kingmfg

    spinnerbait parts

    Worth has nice blades but I don’t care for some of their plating. I have some inventory in gold if interested.
  3. kingmfg

    Wet Profile

    Excellent,would like one
  4. I believe Doug Hannon developed it.
  5. I am interested in the titatnium spinnerbait wires also.

  6. I like the original coffin blade
  7. Any advice on adding a screwlock
  8. Thank You! I was using old parts
  9. I have seen baits dipped in clear plastic to seal the 3D eyes. For me the dipped plastic is not sealed to the bait,you can just roll it off. Am I doing something wrong?
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