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  1. Gone Phishin

    Auto Air Colors

    Why is it jamming your gun or running all over the place? What kind of gun (tip size?)and pressure are you trying to shoot with? I've seen some absolutely amazing work come from createx paint...reason I'm asking.
  2. Gone Phishin

    Help - What's Happening Here With Dn ?

    I am planning on ordering DN top coat for spinner blades and spoons, also using createx. Any tips you guys can offer up. What are you guys refering to as heat setting? Thanks.
  3. Gone Phishin

    Top Coating Rapala Originals

    Just to add to this question, I have some Rapala F-18 baits that I want to change and or modify, I'm spraying createx colors and use DT2 as well. What is the best way to prepare the bait for paint so it sticks and well? some baits I'm only adding some color to the belly or lip area, some spraying the whole bait completely. I'm trolling these big baits slow at night for walleye at speeds of 1.7 and under, they don't have alot of action to begin with just a slow roll so I doubt adding some Devcon will change the baits roll much. Thanks guys for any imput expecially on the paint prep part of the question.
  4. Gone Phishin

    New To Epoxy

    I've been using the bottom of clear cups (same as dixie but hard and clear) but cut the bottom off with an Xacto. I mix the epoxy for a few seconds then I breathe on the cup heavy this gets any air bubbles to the surface then keep mixing, try to mix back and forth not in a circle. Just a couple small tricks I picked up from a friend on using D2T works very well.
  5. Gone Phishin

    Treble Hooks

  6. Gone Phishin

    Hello From Ohio

    I'm mainly a walleye, salmon, steelhead fisherman troller who mainly fishes the great lake and tribs. I just recently got into airbrushing spinner blades and spoons and came to TU to learn more, share info and ask some questions. I know many guys who make baits and know enough to maybe help other members.
  7. Gone Phishin

    Any Preference On Airbrush, Siphon Or Gravity Fed?

    I would buy a decent gun to begin with a Iwata is a great choice, I looked at guns for over a month before settling on the HP-C, it's a great gun. I would say a quality gravity feed double action is a great choice.
  8. Gone Phishin

    Any Preference On Airbrush, Siphon Or Gravity Fed?

    I just started spraying myself and I purchased the HP-C. I really like it so far great for everything I've done so far. My buddy who has been running a siphon feed for over a year just got one and 1 day into running it he fell in love with it as well.
  9. Gone Phishin

    Automotive Paint

    I'm spraying water based colors on blades and spoons (just started) and my buddy paints cars for a living. He just gave me 1/4 gallon of Dupont speed clear and some hardner, problem is I'm not set up to paint indoors with ventilation but know the automotive clear top coat is a great way to go. I will for sure give it a whirl once the weather gets good here in the Northeast or until I get a proper booth with ventilation mask etc. I have a free source to it so taking advantage of it would be wise on my part, plus I know most of the manufactures are using this process.