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  1. I don't hand pour anything I use injection molding machines and of the molds I have had built they inject through the back of the stationary side of the mold on the machine and inject into a runner that runs the legth of the mold and has a small gate opening to each cavity. But these molds also shoot a lot of lures at one time. To do two color baits there are two injection holes one injects in the runner going to the front of the baits and the other coil injects into a runner feeding the tail. There is a pneumatic bar that runs through each cavity that closes the tail from the rest of the lure
  2. I have quite a few 8 oz Containers of Pearl Pigment while it last I buy in 50 + pound containers and sale some and use some. The price is $10.00 per 8oz. of Pigment.. I have the following: Pearl (Red Tint) Pearl White Blue Pearl Gold Pearl Green Pearl Let me know if you are interested I can ship I good bit in a Med. Flat RATE BOX for $10.95 or Ship it in a Flat Rate Envelope packaged in zip lock bag for $5.00 Also have some basic coloring I can part with White , Black , Blue , Bleeding Chartreuse , Bleeding Blood Red
  3. Have a couple more buckets of Calhoun plastic left.. Also have gold Pearl. White Pearl, Blue Pearl, Pearl So just pm me for more infol
  4. johnny438

    Plastic For Sale

    5 gallon soft , Med Or hard Plastic for sale. Calhouns .. P.M me if interested.. Thanks Also Have Glitters and Pearl pigment.
  5. johnny438

    Silver Glitter

    I have 10 Lbs or more of silver glitter .015 for sale I will sell it by the pound @ $15.00 Thanks
  6. I will sell 4 5 gallon buckets of my plastic I have more than I need right now and really no room for it. It is Calhoun Plastic I can sell you soft, Med, Or Hard.. Cheapest I will go for is $75.00 per 5 gallon bucket. Buy all 4 we may can work out a deal on shipping.. I already have two people interested in the plastic just waiting. First come first serve.. As you know this is a great price and I can not sell any cheaper than whats listed... Get it before its gone I will accept Papal
  7. I have several 5 gallon buckets of plastic for sale also Squid Oil. Herring oil, menhaden oil, Garlic oil and I also have several diff. colors in glitter sold in pounds only
  8. johnny438

    Scents For Sale

    I have Herring, Shrimp, Garlic, Squid all of these are oils.. I have in pint, quart or gallon . Other scents are available by special order and min. qty.. Also still have some plastic available .
  9. I work in this industry everyday and have for 20 years we have used some strange things to help match colors. The main point is it cannot have any moisture in it at all we use a lot of powder and have a small cup of plastic mixing it into with a blender or in our in our case a milkshake stir. You can buy Iron Oxide which is rust and it makes a great colorant , we have use Powdered Coco mix like for hot choc. , we have use oil based food coloring. The limits are plenty..
  10. johnny438

    Glow Powder

    I have two pounds of GLOW POWDER for sale other sites sale it for $20.00 or more per pound. Make me an offer for the two pounds. Thanks!!
  11. johnny438

    Scent For Sale

    I have several different scents for sale, By the quart , Gallon etc. I have Garlic, Squid, Shrimp, Menhaden oil (Bunker Oil) AND Herring Oil... If interested let me know..
  12. johnny438

    Plastic For Sale

    I have more plastic for sale and other products. Recently bought out a Lure manufacturer that went out of business. I have plastic Soft, Med. and Hard. Glitters of different size and colors. Pearl Pigments and glow powder. If interested please message me or looking for something not listing ask anyway I may have it. Also have boxes of worms and lizards that was in the lot I bought ..
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