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  1. Musky plugs after process

  2. Lava Spooker

    3" traditionally hand marbled walk bait. My Lava Tiger pattern.
  3. Lava Diver.

  4. IMG-20170119-211451.jpg

    6" Lava Walker.
  5. Marbled Wake Bait

  6. 4.5" marbled cranck bait

  7. Marbled Glider

    Thanks Jonister. It is a two step wet process that only works on wood baits. I hardly ever pick up the airbrush
  8. Marbled Glider

  9. Marbled Phat Torpedo

    Still at it.I have been fishing to much to make as many lures.
  10. 8" salt water popper

    Braided Line , this is a request lure. I like the way it looks as a whole. Hook restrictions are the reason for the circle hooks I sent a treble hook kit with the lure cause it was driving me nuts too. A strange build indeed but I always learn something every time.
  11. 8" salt water popper

  12. Marbled Red Head

  13. Marbled scale pattern

  14. Marbled Double Prop

    Fire tiger on fire.
  15. 12" Marbled Musky Prop