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  1. Dude that is amazing!! Coolest frog I've ever seen
  2. THOSE LOOK HORRIBLE!!! Now send them to me so I can fish them I think they look very close to what you're looking for
  3. sounds good I'll do that, yummm Sundrop and Cherry
  4. So how to you guys paint bluegill patterns, I am not interested in photofinish or anything like that at this point. I just want to paint some Red Eye Shads, and old Rat-L-Traps. I am using Createx paints what steps do you do to paint blue gill? I saw somebody was saying to get natural line looks you can use a old milk jug's plastic and shoot through that as a stencil. But besides that I have no Idea I am no artist at all but love to tinker with stuff so that's why I'm here Thanks Guys!
  5. Well maybe my problem is the white, I need to clean her out tonight
  6. Thanks Bob, this helps a lot. I need to get a oil/ moisture trap and I should be good to go. I will start tearing down the airbrush more often
  7. Thanks Bob! I think you might be right on the compressor. I have thought a/b getting a small airbrush compressor from Harbor Freight they had a 100psi compressor for $70 plus I have a 20% coupon off, so I could control it a little more I would think. SO we are talking $56 plus tax OTD I will look into doing more maintenance on it. I am just so scared about messing with that tiny little needle. I need to find instructions on how to disassemble it. I didn't see anything in the paperwork they gave me...
  8. Yeah I have a water/oil trap on there it is on the base of the brush. I also have been shooting at 25-30psi, maybe that could be my problem?? Should I be cleaning it out with any solvents(if so which ones?) What should I use to thin the paint? Bob, how often do you break about your brush and clean it out? What do you do? Thanks Guys, Iwata's website was very telling on how to do all of this . Thanks A lot guys!
  9. Ok so I've been using my Iwata Revo. BR for about a couple days now painting some lures, mainly shad colors. But I've noticed that I am getting splatter and my paint is not always spraying out evenly. I am using a big compressor for contractors. Could this be a problem? Not being able to adjust the air very easily? IDK, what I need to do. I am using Createx Paint, and cleaning out the cup with water in between colors and back washing it to get all the color out. I am using a wet paper towel to wipe the needle off extremely carefully. So what else do I need to be doing? I am just trying to practice a while and I don't know if I am missing anything. I am honestly teaching myself so I could be doing something extremely wrong possibly So you guys got any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Thanks Everybody for all the help. Well I went home to see my parents next town over and told my Dad that I was getting into painting Lures and I asked If I could take apart his rotiserre motor and making a drying wheel. He said, "How about I give you my drying wheel" Then I relaized that the drying wheel he used for his Rod Building days would work. Just need to get a 3/8" dowel and make the rod to hang them on the wheel is about 4-5 RPM. Here's some pics:
  11. Love your products just got some of your unpainted crankbaits in and am ready to paint them. Keep up the great work!

  12. Thanks guys my Dad has a old motor off a rotisserie that I might be able to swipe from him
  13. Nobody? If I were to use either of these clear coats, would you spray these, dip the lures, or apply by hand?
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