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  1. Hoghunter

    Air Brush Paint ?

    IMO createx to me is by far the best paint i have used
  2. Hoghunter

    Painting Lines

    could you elaborate on this or show pics of what it is your saying
  3. Hoghunter


    Thanks for that I will look into it.....
  4. Hoghunter


    Sounds good thanks. If I am to get my product into this retail store I will need more body styles then I have now. I have almost every Predator blank and now need to find some other quality blanks.
  5. Hoghunter


    Hey Bob have you tried there blank crank bodies
  6. Hoghunter


    Beautiful thanks BOB. exactly what I need
  7. Hoghunter


    I know alot of the users here sell and stock bait stores with there lures. I have a IN at BIG retail store here in MN. I was wondering what you guys use for packaging. Or where I can find something I could use thats presentable to put on a shelf. As far as inserts I think I have that covered. But the packaging I havent found yet. Looking for something like rapalas package but all plastic and see through. Or pretty much any and all the ideas you guys can give me. Much appreciated in advance..
  8. Hoghunter

    Walleye Blanks

    sounds good guys thanks for the help
  9. Hoghunter

    Walleye Blanks

    wow nobody. any help would be great
  10. Hoghunter

    Walleye Blanks

    I was wondering if anyone has a good place to get walleye blanks from. I am strictly a Bass angler and have no idea what to get for walleye blanks. But I have a few customers that are asking for walleye lures. So any help on this would be great. Like I have said I have no idea when it comes to walleye so if you could be specific that would be wonderful. As far as maybe the website and model number of the lure and just stuff like that... Thanks in advance appreciate it
  11. Hoghunter

    Fine Lines

    Although I am sure someone here can answer this question. I have found a good website for my AB questions. howtoairbrush.com. There is a guy that runs the website that would and could answer any airbrush related question you can think of. Just an idea to check it out they will be able to help you out for sure. Although like i said you will in time get some good answers here cause there is a vast knowledge base on this site..... I am so HAPPY I found this site.. Thanks again to all the TU members for all your help and willing to share your secrets and knowledge with us all..... THANKS AGAIN
  12. Hoghunter

    Applying Epoxy?

    One coat is sufficent. But I do plastic cranks so as far as wood someone else could probably help you out a little more
  13. Hoghunter


    Has anyone tried the small sunfish from vanndalizer 313-1.. Just wondering if they run true
  14. Hoghunter


    Try Predatorbassbaits.com.. I have pretty much purchased all of them and all swim great. Its the only place I get blanks from right now
  15. Hoghunter

    Looking For Lucky Craft Rc 1.5 Copies

    The only things im finding when I do a search is other forums talking about them..