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  1. BryanC

    Vision 95

    jo-anns fabric sells netting just like that pretty cool stuff
  2. BryanC

    Spinnerbutt Crank

    Awesome job Ben should most definatley get bit!
  3. BryanC

    New Clear Coat

    the stuff im talking about is made by polymer composites inc i bought it on ebay and it showed it being used on fishing lures i haven't had any issues with puddling or turning white
  4. BryanC

    New Clear Coat

    Hey guys thought I'd share a new clear coat I've been tryin out its called max Seal its a water based poly hybrid clear coat it dries crystal clear and is pretty hard when cured i put three coats on and it really seams to hold up well i dipped some rattle baits and jerk baits in it and went out with them and they seem no worse for the wear and they were bangin off some good chunk rock for those smallies waitin to eat um up
  5. BryanC

    Picture 031

    Hey there Ben I beleive that "lotw" stands for lake of the woods probally some of the best muskie fishing in the country I hope to get there some day soon
  6. awesome work Bruce do you make your own blanks too
  7. BryanC

    rap ko

  8. BryanC

    some traps

  9. BryanC

    some kind of minnows

    these two also have the interference on them but its kinda hard to see plus i'm not much of a photographer
  10. BryanC


  11. BryanC


  12. BryanC


    some of my latest misadventures in painting
  13. I don't think he means the tube kind they come in a 1 oz bottle there are several different colors too violet,blue, green, red ,green orange and a few more I myself have been using these for awhile now and you really get some wicked effects in some cases almost like having a color shift when done over certain colors its a bit pricey but you really only need a drop or two thinned out to do a bass size lure i get mine at ac moore close to 8 bucks a shot
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