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  1. I tried spraying Dick Nites topcoat clear I was using 5-8psi and when I spray it came out like cotton candy. I laid down ok and I am letting dry. Is it suppose to come out like that when you spray?
  2. lol i found in on page 23 in one of my old post looking for is this past year.
  3. There was a post with a picture of a lure that had the perfect clear coat with a yellow stripe down the side. if was set in a background of rocks I think. Does these ring a bell anyone? is it still on the site. It was like a sp pointer I think?
  4. where is the best place to get foil from?
  5. Looking for a silver paint super shiny. Right now I use createx paints and auto air aluminum, and metallic. They are just not the silver That I am looking for. I would like something that looks like the sp pointer 100 sardine lucky strike lures. Any suggestions? Do you guys mix or add to get that almost mirror like look? thanks rob
  6. Rayburnguy, what type of paints are you using? It doesn't come off when you wash it? I am new to airbrushing and topcoating. I have heard of heat setting, is that just heating with a heat gun? thanks
  7. Centralsteve I would call them and see if you can get that %10 unless you already got a better deal. they treated me well.
  8. I got mine from here. http://www.chicagoairbrushsupply.com/airbrushes1.html I actually order a bottom feed, which never showed up. After two weeks I called them and they apologized. I ask it I could switch to the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed Airbrush Model ECL4500 And I asked since it was xmas could I get it for the same price as the bottom feed which at that time it was on sale for $89 I believe and they agreed. I ended up receiving the small gravity feed airbrush so I call chicagoairbrush to return it and request the correct (large gravity feed). The day after I had ordered the original airbrush (the bottom feed) they did a free shipping deal so I asked for that too, I also realized that I needed a hose which I asked if they could throw that in too again they agreed. So it was my fortune that the first airbrush never came. at that time it was on sale from 205 to $119. So I got some huge savings for their mistakes. point being they were very accomdating on the customer service side and threw in some huge discounts. hope this helps
  9. orionn1

    Top Coating

    Has anyone used any of these products for top coating http://www.aeromarineproducts.com/
  10. dumb question but what is heat setting? thanks
  11. airbrushextreme is a creative memories hole punch?
  12. Has anyone used automotive clear? Is it hard enough to replace epoxy such as d2t?
  13. I click on your link but can't find an unpainted lure section? regards rob
  14. I want to paint with the following holographic glitter http://www.paintwithpearl.com/flakestore.htm I guess I have to mix with a clear coat. Any suggestion on the clear coat paint to use? And then I would have to cover with d2t right?
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