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  1. CatchemCaro


    I tried to do a crappie.
  2. CatchemCaro


    A custom gold.
  3. CatchemCaro


    Here's my big joe swim bait. A little perch.
  4. CatchemCaro

    9" Silver foil glider

    All the other post on here real cover my thoughts on the quality of your craftsmanship with this bait. How many coats of clear are on this bait and are you painting over some of those coats of clear? Amazing bait!! Rich
  5. CatchemCaro


    WOW! Great job! That is sweeeeeet!
  6. CatchemCaro


  7. CatchemCaro

    Cabon Dioxide Tank For Air Brushing?

    Thanks guys, great feed back once again. OK, so now I'm currently using a very cheap Harbor Freight pancake compressor. I am painting a lot of baits in one setting. I know I could place the compressor outside, but I am wondering if one of the Iwata compressors would be better for me. I don't mind investing the money into something that will last, be somewhat quieter then my cheap compressor. For now, the Harbor Freight compressor will work, but if theres a better mouse trap..... Rich
  8. CatchemCaro

    Cabon Dioxide Tank For Air Brushing?

    Just wondering if some of you out there hooked on making and painting baits have and or are using presureized tanks for air brushing. I have been using one of those pancake air compressers for a while now. I found a used air brush set up at a garage sale and the guy was using a small Carbon Dioxide Tank for his air source. Pro's and Con's? Rich
  9. Hi all I'm using Createx paints and I'm working on improving my trout paturns. I have a few formulas that are just OK. I would really like to paint a more realistic trout then the ones Im doing now. I'll post some pictures of the few Im working on now as soon as their done with clear coat. Video tutorials would be great, but I'll take an information / formula for painting a beautiful trout with createx paints. Thanks Rich
  10. CatchemCaro


    Sweeeet bait!
  11. CatchemCaro


    Beautiful paint job!
  12. CatchemCaro

    Air Brush Hose, Quick Couper Etc..?

    Hey guys It's been a while since Iv'e dropped in and asked for any advice. I have painted a lot of baits since I first started the air brush thing. I'm still using the cheap quick connects I bought off e-bay when I started. The quick connect has leaked since day 1 and my compresser has to run more then I think it should. I have a old hose I bought at a garage sale. So I would like to sanitize my set up and make it leak free with quality quick connections for my Iwata air brush's. So where is the best one line store to shop for all my air brush equipment and createx paints? Thanks all. Rich
  13. CatchemCaro

    Swivel Hook Mounts For Crank Baits?

    Doe's anyone know where I can find those swivel hook mounts? I have been serching for a while now and can't find them any where. And are they easy to install? Thanks Rich
  14. Hey Tiger

    What eyes are you putting on your baits and where do you get them? They look similar to the ones I'm using, but yours have such a realistic look compared to mine. And your attention to detail on your paint jobs is steller!


  15. CatchemCaro

    5" Beetle Bluegill

    WOW, great job. I love the detail and the eyes are perfect.