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  1. Big Bass Man

    Copper Head Sparkle

    Thanks Jaybee!!
  2. Big Bass Man

    Copper Head Sparkle

    Thanks!! With black base coat.
  3. Big Bass Man

    SF true smelt

    Very nicely done Mikko!!
  4. Big Bass Man


    Nice work!!
  5. Big Bass Man

    Carving Custom Whopper Plopper

    Nicely Done!!
  6. Big Bass Man


    Thanks man!!
  7. Big Bass Man


    Thanks man!! Mixed a few colors to to get the body color, then oranges stripes on the sides. It is actually yellow sprayed on the nose. Spraying it over the dark color makes it look green. Red belly. It also has some very fine blue metallic over the body of the lure. Really pops in the sun. Love trying to think up some new colors!!
  8. Big Bass Man


  9. Big Bass Man


  10. Big Bass Man

    Ghost Lemon Pepper

    Thanks man!! Wore them out on this color Lemon Pepper in the spring. Decided to try it in a ghost pattern. Here is my regular Lemon Pepper color.
  11. Big Bass Man

    Purple Halo Craw

  12. Big Bass Man

    Ghost Lemon Pepper

  13. Big Bass Man

    Fatfingers Flatshad

    Very nice Vince!!
  14. Big Bass Man


  15. Big Bass Man

    Ghostly Pearl