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  1. Got it, will go out Monday morning. Thanks
  2. Paypal only, please do not send as a gift. Shoot me a PM, thanks. Lot 1: Flat Mini MR (Japan Craw), Flat Mini DR (Japan Craw), Flat Mini MR (Pearl AYU), Flat Mini MR (Ghost Minnow) $38 shipped - - Lot 2: All LVR D-7s (Aurora Gold, Craw, Bluegill, Pearl AYU) $38 shipped
  3. Haven't posted anything in the gallery before. Hope ya'll like them, any comments or suggestions are welcome.
  4. Count me in for the DN2, glad to see it's happening.
  5. The new formula sounds great so far. I don't mind the 12-14 days of curing. Hope it will be available for sale soon. If anyone that is testing it comes across some type of problem, let us know. Other than that, this stuff seems like it would be perfect for us.
  6. Like these? http://cgi.ebay.com/...=item45f33cf4e4
  7. Lot 7 is all that's left. Will sell it for $17 shipped. Thanks!!
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