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  1. Sounds like either u have bad plastisol or your plastic not getting hot enough. My plastisol goes from white to clear then gel to syrup consitance at 350f , get u a digital thermometer don't use a infra red i have one it don't read right. it reads good at low temp but after about 250f the reading not correct is this happening in both pots or just one? one other thing is your power source enough to power what u are running . But this would go back to the plastic not getting hot enough. If u have a microwave heat a cup up to 350 F with the same colors and glitter and see if it has the chunks if not look at the system if it does change plastisol. could the chunks be color or glitter u have added. The plastic will burn if u take the mixers out unless u stir it. Cub48
  2. I tried to buy the bracket and one injector as i already had the blending block and one injector and she told they would not sell me the parts i needed that i would have to buy the twin injector as a set. Cub48
  3. LOL u sound like me i did the same with my mixers the first batch. Ok here is the way i do mine and so far it is working. I am adjusting my colors for 2 cups per pot and i heat my plastic to 350F in the Microwave i set my system to 298F and let it heat up while i am heating my plastic. I pour it in and cycle my injector at least once to heat it more then start shooting make sure u pull the plastic in the injector slow and hold the injector tight to valve. When i get almost empty i turn the mixer off while i pull plastic then turn back on. When done i take mixers out let everything cool completely then i work the plug out and try to pull at least one of the runners out sometimes the will break off but most of the time one will come out. Next turn your system on and when it gets 200F + turn your valve and blow air thru the runners it will blow it into the pot be like a worm get it out. a couple wooden dowels will turn the valve don't use something that will scratch your valve. Also clean your injector after use i had some problems but they were corrected after i cleaned it. I use the 2 cup method because i can double it if i need to. But most of the time i want to shoot about 300 baby shad at a time. And it works for me. Cub48
  4. Stewber i don't know how old your system is but seems like i read somewhere where Ruper had changed the PID controllers so u might check with him. Maybe they are not stable enough. Mine drops a few degrees then kicks back on like about 2 to 3 degrees. I also read someones reply not here but on another that when they heated in the pots they set it on 350 F and let it kick off 2 or 3 times then drop the temp to 298 F .Later Steve, Cub48
  5. I have the Ultra Molds Mini Shooting Star System. I do preheat my plastic to 350 F while my system is heating up to 298 F this is what i set my system at to shoot two colors. Make sure you clean your injector before you start a new batch. i had some problems with a dirty injector, also pulling the plastic too fast will cause the injector to suck air in . Another thing make sure u are holding the injector up to the valve tight u can also pull air in there. Check your oring at the end of your injector and the ones inside the tubes for nicks. The reason i said clean your injector i had shot a couple batches with no problems then my third batch it was doing good then it started getting air and the colors were not even so the next batch i cleaned it good and lubed and it worked good with no problems. As far as the lumps check the temp of your plastic if it is getting to 350 F then it is the plastic. The lumps could cause the plastic to suck air if it is clogging the passages. Another trick i learned is turn your valves on and heat the system up to about 200F + and take a air blower and blow ports out it will blow into the pot like a soft worm then u don't have another color seeping in. I try to pull one out when it is cold with the plug but if it breaks off i blow which ever is still there. One other thing don't leave stirrers in and let cool take them out when u are done LOL i found out after my first batch took m a few mins to get out. Cub48 PS. let me know maybe i can help but i am new with this system too
  6. They are set up for 120 V That we use in US. I read one reply where the person was planning on using a voltage reducer on one. To reduce the 230 to 120v. Go to Ultra Molds web site and they have a contact link there he will contact u there. Later Cub48
  7. I just bought the Mini Shooting Star the first of the year. It is well built and everything works very good. The baits look like they are supposed to. I have shot 3 or 4 batches of two cups each side it worked great. I would recommend this system to anyone
  8. This is the way i cleaned mine this week. As i have not had mine long i talk to ute in a message he was telling me about using the air. So i started i got the plug out of the bottom i worked the runner out of the single port with the plug the runner on the other one broke off did the other side the same way. then i turned on the pots when it got over 200F i opened my valve in the front and applied air it squirted out in the pot like a worm got it out and it was good to go. I also cleaned my injector and lubed it up everything worked great that night with no problems. The second time i used it i did not clean it like this and the runner leaked into the pot i had to clean it out of the hot pot as liquid. Next time i will try the air at the lower temp. I am going to make a tool to turn the valve when i get time. i used a couple of wood dowells to turn it on but would be great to have a tool to do it with i did not want to scratch the ports. It will take a while to learn all the learning curves to make it easier. Please post anything new u learn so it will help us all out. Thanks Cub48
  9. has a section for pouring plastics and jigs in their forum. Not new but is a good one. Cub48
  10. I have 2 -2 Worm ,7" ribbon tail worm mold. The worm is more like a 10" worm with the tail. If u like shorter u may want the 5" as it will be like 8" is my guess. The mold is a Bass tackle i looked it don't have a number just calls it 7" ribbon tail worm it is not the one with the c tail. I have caught several fish on this worm. i like it in watermellon red.
  11. ]Yes i made my own injector and used it for over a year. It worked as well as the ones u buy. Search cub48 i think i have a picture of it somewhere. Mine is made of a lift gate shock on a Tahoe it has a metal piston and a oring i made my tip from a piece of aluminum i bought off ebay had to be tight or it would suck air put set screw to hold tip. If u know someone that works at a dealer shop we replace them often, only thing is some have a groove up the side but u can feel it on the outside. Have not tried one of these the oring might seal it. If i had a lathe to machine the tips these would be as good or better than the ones u buy. The first one i made i had 0 dollars in the others were like $1.00 Cub48
  12. I am in the same boat. Everything is too large for me also. I would like a Shooting Star setup with about Quart pots. So u could do a pint in each pot make 300 or so baits at a time. Maybe even have different size pot that would interchange, Say 1QT 2QT ect. The guys that are making these machines look at it this way there are more people shooting 200 to 300 baits than those that are shooting 2000 to 3000 at a time. Fix quick connect pots so if u got bigger just adjust pots with a larger pot setup.Cub48
  13. Heat injectors don't heat molds takes too long for them to cool, to get your baits out. I heat my injector so it won't have a big plug of cool plastic in the tip. I don't have too take the tip off if it is warm enough i can cycle the injector and blow the plug out keep shooting. I use a presto pancake grill and set it on about 300F. I also set my measure cups on it. Cub48
  14. I know this is something else to buy but look for u a electric grill the flat one for pancakes about 12" x 16" u can lay your injector in it and set your measure cups in to keep them hot after taking them out of the microwave. U will need something to insulate the injector as it gets hot. But it will be a lot less waste in the injector sometimes i can cycle the injector and blow the plug out and keep injecting without taking it apart. My injector has a locking tip. A hot plate will work too just not as good. Cub48
  15. get u a digital thermometer, the one with metal probe and goes up to 400 f plus I have a infer red it does not read correct when it gets above 250 f u can use the metal probe to stir your plastic. The plastic needs to get 350 F on your first heating after that remelt needs to only be hot enough to inject. trial and error is what it takes to see what works for u. Use your mess up's to learn how to use your injector. if u have bubbles put your injector deeper in the cup that helps not to have as many bubbles in your baits Cub48