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  1. Who's making a good injector now?

    The Basstackle injector is a good one might look at the twin setup it will run u about 200.00 i think in the 6 oz injector . It might save u money in the long run. I have a injector 4 oz i bought the mixing block but they won't sell me the rest of the setup so i have spent about a 100.00 and will have to spend 200.00 more if i get the twin. I have ordered a twin setup off ebay it has not come in yet i will let u know how well it is made when i get it been almost a month may of blowed another 100.00 and still not have what i want. LOL Cub48
  2. Aluminum injection mold laminates?

    Ok one thing to shoot a two color bait if using a twin injector the belly needs to be on one plate and the top on the other . I shoot a 14 cavity mold in baby shad and get great baits. The temp has to be around 300f when u are shooting or they will swirl or mix. If your mold has one side on one plate and the other side on the other plate i will say it will more than likely shoot one side one color and the other side the other color. the injector might can be turned to where it would shoot top and bottom but on my mold if u turn it it will shoot one side of baits one color and the other side the other color. i do not have a mold like that so i don't know for sure. The lam plates if u have a mold that the sides are in each side it will only shoot the side. i have passed up molds when the belly and top are not on each plate. U can cut the bait in half and shoot the other half if the spur will let u. But shoot as hot as possible so it will bond to the cold plastic might even want to heat the mold so both will stick together.The sand cast molds do not have a smooth finish, they catch fish but i don't like the way they look . The CNC molds spoil u LOL I like the smooth shinny baits. Cub48
  3. O ring size

    The orings that comes with the tool was cutting my worms into after i caught a fish or so. I ordered some 1/2 " they worked good on the worms i pour and ok on senko. The senko are a little smaller than the injected worms i shoot. 7/16 might work if u have the smaller worm. I use 2 orings and x them put the hook thru the x it keeps the hook straight. Cub48
  4. What Best temp for Plastic

    My infrared is not correct when i shoot plastic it's good to around 200 F then it does not read right. Use a digital thermometer also when u reach 350f turn the thermostat down to about 295f also put some stablizerin it also try to turn it down when it reaches 340 F as it may heat on up before start to drop. So it u are reaching 350 F it may heat on up to 360F or more before it starts dropping Cub48
  5. Heating plastisol??

    Get u a pancake griddle it has a temperature control i take mine out of the microwave and set it on the griddle u can make several shot before having to reheat. Also i have found other uses for the griddle if u paint jig heads u can put them on it to heat them so the powder paint will stick. As said the lead pot gets too hot but lee makes a pot for plastic i have one but have not used it . I bought the mini shooting star i was going to try and make a system but changed my mind after pricing parts. I had bought the lee plastic pot too see if i could put a temp controller on it and connect it together with another. Cub48
  6. Minnow silver

    Only time i had any arc in the microwave was when i let the glitter clump and didn't stir it enough to get it mixed good . That was the long silver glitter. Cub48
  7. Mini Shooting Star Owners

    Hi Guys I just wanting to tell all u guys that if u don't have the injector heater u need to get one. This is the best thing since slice bread. I set mine when i turn the mini on when i get ready to start shooting it is ready to go no plastic set up and it works great. Ultra Molds u did a great job on this i would like to have one for my other injectors. Thanks Cub48
  8. Ned Rig

    Check with Captain Hooks Wholesale they carry most all hooks
  9. New guy and now scared to death??

    Put u a fan in the window build a bench that the microwave can set on under the fan or beside it. Don't use the microwave that u eat from long sleeves and long pants, gloves, respirator, glasses. These are the same thing u should use with lead. Make sure no hooks in baits and the baits are plastic not gulp. Cub48
  10. ultra-molds mini shooting star

    As rrosenberry said u can use a blowgun with the rubber tip but mine don't have the rubber tip just a blow gun . I take two wooden 1/4" dowels and turn the valves open, I remove the plug in bottom and try to pull the runner out with the plug. i turn my unit on as it warms up around 150f to 200f then blow thru the front of the valves the plastic will come out inside the pots just reach in to the pots with some tongs to get the worm size plastic out. Blow thru both holes . Cub48
  11. ultra-molds mini shooting star

    I have a Mini but i don't use salt in it I don't think it would scratch with salt but it would need cleaned and lubed up to stop corrosion . After it cools I turn the machine on and at 180f i open my valves i will blow thru each port. To clear the plastic out. Cub48
  12. Need help homemade hand injector

    I sawed the end off. U can screw the end off the rod. The piston and rod will slide out . Clean up the surface where u sawed the end off . Bevil it a little where the oring will slide in ok then find u something that will fit in the tube tight i bought a round piece of aluminum and sanded it down to a tight fit fixed the end where it fit the molds . The tip has to be a tight fit or it will suck air unless u stick the end passed the tip. Warm the injector before u shoot and u can keep shooting without cleaning. Cub48
  13. Adding Pearl Colouring to Plastisol

    extra fine glitter !! maybe Cub48
  14. Need help homemade hand injector

    The shocks i use are the ones that go bad they still work good for plastic . The oring can be replaced on the piston. If u know a auto mechanic he may have one lying around for free. Cub48
  15. Need help homemade hand injector

    It is a shock the oil had leaked out i cut the end off it has a aluminum piston with an oring i work at a Chevy Dealer so mine did not cost me anything we replace them when they go bad. I used mine a long time until i bought one that was machined from Bass Tackle Molds. Get the longer one if u want to buy as like now i have 4 molds and the one i have will not shoot all 4 molds without refilling. Cub48