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  1. Are u getting your plastisol up to 350F get u a digital thermometer if u don't have one. I have used the regular it is firm and makes a good bait if u put powder salt this will also firm it up and also weight it. But clean all your stuff after your done. Cub48
  2. Most watermelon and blue are not dyes and are non bled. If u want a transparent bait a drop or two will do that as to adding 10 or 15 drops. When i do my blue ice i put 5 drops in 2 cups of plastisol. The glitter will show up in this blue. I also do watermelon red go light on the green and add the red glitter. U can always add more color but if u get it too dark it is hard to fix. Cub48
  3. I set my grill on 300f or less I also use my grill to heat jigs to power coat them. The injector i rotate it so the oring don't get too hot in one place Cub48
  4. The wood worker vise i am talking about has 2 round bars that the molds will set on. they are just the right size for the baby shad molds i have i can put four molds in it and shoot all . The only problem i have is if u have different height molds. u would have to get some spur extenders. or like i did buy another vise. LOL also u dont't have the long bar sticking out which at my bench was a problem I have too much junk on mine. Yours may work great hope they do. The welding pliers i have are the cheap ones that HF has u can set them at the right clamping as long as you are not changing molds u can just clamp and go no adjusting. Cub48
  5. I think u can put table salt in a blender and make it finer, also some use popcorn salt which is finer, I know a lot of people use the Irwin clamps but i have bought the large to small and i have had no luck with them, They will shoot great one time and the next shot will blow out and it's not because i did not have them tight!!!! The two best things i have bought are the welding clamp that are like vise grip with pads on them. The best thing is a wood worker vise that bolts to your bench. These are the metal type Lowes and Harbor Freight have them for around 20.00. Next would be a a pancake grill to set your cups on to keep them warm also to warm your injector. I put my injector on mine while i put the plastic in the microwave and it's warm when i get ready to shoot. and don't set up as bad in the injector. These are also around 20.00 if u find them on sale. It never ends LOL Cub48
  6. My infra red does not read correct after about 250f so i bought the digital probe and like everyone i stir my plastisol with it. Cub48
  7. Anglinarcher have u tried the dyes they have. i was looking at their site and saw the different colors they have in dyes. I have just ordered some new paints if they don't work out i may try your system out. The only thing it might take too much time too brush each mold. I do about 280 baby shad at a time. But a few creature baits it would work great. Thanks Cub48
  8. Anglinarcher so let me pick your brain, do u use a solid color and paint the mold or u still use the two color and use this method to improve the two color. If u use this system with the solid color how does it hold up in the water. I was looking at another brand of plastic baits and it looked like this system or they had been painted. Because of the appearance of the baits. This maybe something i want to try. Thanks for the info Cub48 PS will this power mix into the plastic and use it like a pearl ?
  9. Dells did have one out of aluminum 5 worm like the trick worm. Cub48
  10. Guys i just placed a order for 4 bottles of paint 2 silvers, a silver pearl, and watermelon. one 4oz and three 2 oz shipping was $6.45 which i don't have a problem with i think this is the same silver i have that i like and the other looks lighter Maybe another trial and error but i have failed before LOL When u making baits that happens . Thanks Guys Cub48
  11. Thanks everyone for your help with my silver i will try some of these ideals. Shipping is a big issue i order items all the time ,but when i go to order a small item that will fit in small box and it is over 15.00 i will not pay that, for it i will wait until i need something else to make the shipping more reasonable. In other words i will wait and buy 10 bottles of something instead of 4 If i had known the shipping deal would be the big topic i would not said anything about it as i was wanting to know if someone has a silver that is the best looking silver out there and how they mix it to get it. And my problem with the ones going on about the shipping they did not even add anything about the main question Silver Plastisol color. Ok guys thanks again for the help Cub48
  12. Well guys i am done here thanks Frank for your help with the silver. I will keep trying to get what i want in the silver. As for you guys and your comments on shipping keep them to your self. Cub48
  13. Frank i will check in on that I was not looking for flax about shipping was just stating i can't give that much shipping for just paint i will have to wait until i order something else to make up the cost. Thank u for your replies and help. Cub48
  14. ok so i just checked $15.80 shipping for 4 2oz bottles. So they should fit the $6.80 flat box. or a envelope as for as that matters. Anyway i still need a silver colorant that is silver. LOL Thanks for your help Cub48
  15. Frank here are a few pic's The plastisol is the color that is close to what i am wanting but would like it to be brighter. did this with the MF silver that is in the pic on my finger the other pic is silver pearl that looks more like gray pearl. I have bought 3 or 4 other pearls or paints that supposed to be silver but were not. Minnow silver paint one supposed to be silver pearl and it looks white pearl. That is the reason i am looking for a real aluminum color silver that will be that color. Look at your molds that is the color i am looking for. Cub48