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  1. Triple injector question

    drop temp on plastic 296 F is my best temp Cub48
  2. Ultramolds shooting star issue

    I clean my injector every batch of plastisol. When i first got my system i did not clean between and i started having the same issues. Here is what i done to fix cleaned injector my system is bolted to table when i am pulling plastic in the injector i push in on injector while i draw in the plastic and also draw slow i had a problem once by pulling too fast. I shoot with system at 296 F. I did buy a second injector in case i started having problems i could switch injector. Also i bought the injector heater i love it heat the injector better than the system. let me know if i can help u anyway Cub48
  3. Anyone use a Fresh air Mask

    The fresh air system i am looking at has a pump that u set outside of your shop and it pushes air into your mask. There are ones that are on your waist belt but that would not any better than a regular respirator .I was wonder if anyone had made their own. I also saw the ones that use the compressor air don't think i would want that as the tank collects moisture and rust, with oil from the cylinder.Cub48
  4. I am looking into buying a fresh air mask system. I was wondering if anyone is using a fresh air system. I have used the filter mask over the last few years and have fans for vent. I am going to need to go to a fresh air system or stop making baits. I have looked at all the systems on ebay and though of making my own but was wanting everyones sugestion and info. Cub48
  5. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    The baits when using plates sometimes will split when u put the hooks in. When u use the dual injector they don't split where the two colors are together. Cub48
  6. Question about extra plastisol

    Also pull the plastisol in the injector slow pulling fast sometimes it will pull air by the oring. Also like someone else said put tip of injector to the bottom as air bubbles are on top. and hold slight pressure on injector after shooting mold count about 15 counts this helps with dents and bubbles. Cub48
  7. Issues with my injectors

    tube needs cleaning and lube with worm oil. oring could be too large! But plastic will build up in tube and make it hard to cycle. Spray it with a cleaner run rag thru when it is slick and shiney check oring remove and clean it put some worm oil in it and should be smooth. cub48
  8. Ebay Twin Injector review

    Bass Tackle Molds make great products i have not bought anything that did not work like it supposed too. Sometimes we don't look ahead u might want to get the larger one . I always said i won't have enough molds to shoot that much plastic at once . Now i have 5 baby shad molds i can shoot 3 before refill if i had the larger i could shoot all 5 without refill. So now i use my Mini Shooting Star to do the job. I wanted the twin injector to do small practice jobs like two new colors to see how they look together. Cub48
  9. Baits not smooth

    U might also try rubbing your inside mold with a lite coat of worm might help as someone else said might warm mold i never warm my molds but it looks like the plastisol is not flowing to mold good .Try let plastic set a little to let bubbles rise. Some wave a torch over plastic to bust bubbles i have not tried it but won't hurt. if the places are not in mold then this might help. Cub48
  10. Ebay Twin Injector review

    Just got my twin injector in form Ebay . For the price i was well pleased i wanted a twinset but did not want to spend 2 hundred bucks . I already had blending block and an injector from one company but they would not sell me the piece that would hold the two injectors together. I homemade but it was ok didn't work like it was susposed to. Enough of that i give the pro's and con's i have not used it yet as i am in sick so i'll let u know when i do. 1.The tubes are smooth and well finished. 2. The piston is a good thick piston with oring 3.The set came with extra set of orings 4. Blending block well made injectors fit right in when assemblied Has hold rod. Con's 1 The knobs are not the greatest 2. not a screw off top on the tubes it is just a machined top 3 Has pop off ends but are tight and think be ok. 4. Took a month to get but i was not in a hurry. all in all i think was good buy. Cub48
  11. Baits not smooth

    Sounds like bubbles in plastisol some bubble more than other. Degass plastisol by applying vaccumn will help also pull plastic from bottom of cup as bubbles rise. If it is a do-it sand cast mold that just a way it looks u can do a few things to improve it i am not a fan i like shiney baits slick and smooth .LOL Make sure if u are using a infra red thermometer use a digital to check it with as mine don't read correct after 250f or so over heating can cause more bubbles Cub48
  12. Who's making a good injector now?

    The Basstackle injector is a good one might look at the twin setup it will run u about 200.00 i think in the 6 oz injector . It might save u money in the long run. I have a injector 4 oz i bought the mixing block but they won't sell me the rest of the setup so i have spent about a 100.00 and will have to spend 200.00 more if i get the twin. I have ordered a twin setup off ebay it has not come in yet i will let u know how well it is made when i get it been almost a month may of blowed another 100.00 and still not have what i want. LOL Cub48
  13. Aluminum injection mold laminates?

    Ok one thing to shoot a two color bait if using a twin injector the belly needs to be on one plate and the top on the other . I shoot a 14 cavity mold in baby shad and get great baits. The temp has to be around 300f when u are shooting or they will swirl or mix. If your mold has one side on one plate and the other side on the other plate i will say it will more than likely shoot one side one color and the other side the other color. the injector might can be turned to where it would shoot top and bottom but on my mold if u turn it it will shoot one side of baits one color and the other side the other color. i do not have a mold like that so i don't know for sure. The lam plates if u have a mold that the sides are in each side it will only shoot the side. i have passed up molds when the belly and top are not on each plate. U can cut the bait in half and shoot the other half if the spur will let u. But shoot as hot as possible so it will bond to the cold plastic might even want to heat the mold so both will stick together.The sand cast molds do not have a smooth finish, they catch fish but i don't like the way they look . The CNC molds spoil u LOL I like the smooth shinny baits. Cub48
  14. O ring size

    The orings that comes with the tool was cutting my worms into after i caught a fish or so. I ordered some 1/2 " they worked good on the worms i pour and ok on senko. The senko are a little smaller than the injected worms i shoot. 7/16 might work if u have the smaller worm. I use 2 orings and x them put the hook thru the x it keeps the hook straight. Cub48
  15. What Best temp for Plastic

    My infrared is not correct when i shoot plastic it's good to around 200 F then it does not read right. Use a digital thermometer also when u reach 350f turn the thermostat down to about 295f also put some stablizerin it also try to turn it down when it reaches 340 F as it may heat on up before start to drop. So it u are reaching 350 F it may heat on up to 360F or more before it starts dropping Cub48