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  1. Hi guys I just bought a new stick bait mold and i have not used much plastic with salt. So last night i tried it out i got the 6" wished i got the 5" !! oh well maybe the bigger fish will like it better. LOL Ok back to the salt how much to a cup of plastic ? Do u put scent on your worms with salt or just plain worm oil? Do u clean your molds after u use salt ? if u do what process do u use. I shoot more crappie baits than Bass so i don't use salt in them. Anything i have left out please fill me in. Just don't want my molds to corrode from the salt. Cub48
  2. I use a pancake grill every time i inject. Mine was like $20:00 I put my injector on it to heat it up. As my plastic is heated i set it on the grill to keep it warm. Most of the time i can shoot a cup or two cups if i am twin injecting before i reheat it. Also if u are into making lead jigs u can heat them up to power. My grill is adjustable temp so u can set it at the temp u want. Cub48
  3. Both systems will do the job and both are built with quality .I have not used the Jacobs machine but have bought some of their molds which are number one in quality. I do have a Mini Shooting Star it is built very good and does everything i need to do i shoot 5 stinger molds at a time in two color i put a pint in each pot . It will heat the plastisol but i heat mine to the 350f in the microwave then pour it in the pots. Price was the factor that made me chose the Mini SS. But being able to mix a smaller amount was something that i looked at also. Unless i am missing it ten molds a day is not a a lot of plastisol unless they are production molds. Then u would need the pressure pots to fill them. So with ten molds the Mini SS should do the ten and if u wanted to do more it should be able to hold enough to handle that also . They also have the regular Shooting Star which is larger and holds more plastisol. My 2 cents worth. Cub48
  4. it is a fun hobby, like already said read the safety threads first 350f burns are not fun. wear mask have plenty of ventilation. My advise is buy aluminum molds, microwave, thermometer, pancake grill, good injector, vise. Plastisol read the reviews !! to choose . Buy one mold and try before buying more .Cub48
  5. what part of Alabama are u from?
  6. Cooler plastic will dent less keep pressure on injector for a count of 10 or more fill spur Cub48
  7. Make sure u understand blow the air thru the valves in the pots not the injector. I don't know if u have tried turning the temp up on the side with the smaller tube and have a lower temp on the larger tube. Just a thought the big tube with cooler plastic would flow slower maybe let the hotter plastic flow faster. Try try again LOL!!! Cub48
  8. Look on Ultra Molds site and do a search for injector heater it is a stand alone heater has a temp adjustment i just got mine Saturday have not used it yet but plugged it up i think it will be the best thing since sliced bread LOL. U can put your injector on it while u are cleaning up and it will be hot by the time u are ready to shoot i think it will get hotter than the pots get the injector. Cub48
  9. Hey man! I saw a post you made when I was searching the forum for dent solutions and read a post where you said you use a pancake griddle for your injector and pyrex cups. How well does it keep both warm? Is it not a break risk for the Pyrex or anchor cups if you just leave them on there with plastic in them? Also, after your initial heating of the plastic, If you kept the temp on the griddle at 350, would you not have to put the cup back in the nuker to heat the plastic up to temp? Thanks in advance!

    1. Cub48


      Ok i put my injector on the grill and set it at around 300 F , i have my microwave on 8" blocks on my table next to my fan blowing out the window my pancake grill set in front of the microwave. I heat the injector while i heat the plastisol  in the microwave i take the plastisol out set on the grill stir it set back in  finish heating i roll the injector as i heat it.  Plastisol is ready i set it on grill stir it and inject until it is gone sometimes i will put back in for a few seconds  just to keep the temp up .i keep my grill at around 250 to 300 f most of the time have never had a cup break unless i knock it off the table . i shoot most of the time at around 300f or less the top will coat over after a little while but i will push it back and keep shooting i shoot 5 molds at a time  these are the baby shad shoots 14 at a time.  if u keep it stir before the top skims over  u have no problems, the cooler u can shoot the less dents u will have, also keep slight pressure on your injector for a count of ten or more then fill your spur. I still have some dents but not as many these are the ones i fish with LOL  or the ones i give away.  Also by heating the injector u don't have to clean the plug out if u get it hot enough before u start.  U will need a pad or glove to go around the injector as it is hot . i will cycle the injector after shooting and push the left over plastic out to blow the plug out then set it back on the grill . My pancake griddle is about 16" X 12" guessing, u can put 2 Qrt cups and injector  and have room. I also use it to heat jig heads to power coat them  Cub48

    2. Lucky777


      Cool! Thanks for the tip. I would have never of thought to use a pancake griddle. You think if I made a stand for the injector out of aluminum and put it on the griddle it would keep it up to temp? That way you wouldn't have to rotate the injector on the griddle. You could just simply insert the nozzle and the block would keep the whole thing hot. Or should I not even bother and just place it directly on there?

    3. Cub48


      i lay mine on its side and roll it every so often. if i using a twin i set the tips on the griddle. Cub48


  10. Baitjunky is correct that u could spend more than u can buy one already ready to go. I also thought about making my own because i was wanting to make a smaller unit. But i went with the mini shooting star and have been very happy with it. U can buy the valve and block with 1/4" fittings with or without the heater Ultra Molds can give u a price just go to their web page and contact them. I am like u i like to build my own stuff but i looked at all the parts i would need to make what i wanted. And my build maybe would work but my quality might not be up to par. LOL And i would have almost as much in it as the one i bought or more!!!Unless u have a buddy with a machine shop that will help u out. I had 4 molds cut the spur to 5/8 and a injector rod turned down a few thousands on the end cost me 40:00 then had to enlarge when i got it home sent the blending block with it so they could check it. Later i sent the same molds out to get the spur drilled deeper different shop he drilled it too large and no deeper so i got me a 5/8 drill bit and drilled it myself it works but if i wanted to sell them no one would buy them . Just a few things to think about Cub48
  11. Don't know if u read my post on how i clean mine so i go over it again a little better. with a cool pot i pull the plug out do this slow because most of the time u can pull one side out either the valve side or the main valve side. I then turn on the pots and let it warm up to about 175 to 200 i twist the valves with a couple 1/4" wooden dowels taped together spacing then to fit the valve i do this to keep from scratching the valve. Then i take air blower and blow thru the valves it will blow the plastic out in a worm shape into the pot . I blow all three valves make sure they are clear then u should not have any bleed back. I then take the nuts off my injector and remove all the plastic from the pistons and the tips . Seem like i have heard someone else have problems with the smaller tube 1:3 not sure who , but those look good i use the 50:50 on my baits. I did try it with a twin injector but went back to the 50/50. I just ordered a 2nd injector to have an extra if i start to have problems i will switch to the other also got the injector heater so i can adjust the temp on my injector. Cub48
  12. Also i had a problem once and i was pulling my plastic into the injector too fast and it was causing air to pull into one side so i slowed my pull down and made sure i had the oring sealed good at injector to valve. Also be careful not to move the injector when shooting . Go ahead drop 10 f more i would take a gloved hand or wrap my injector, push in and pull out slow if u don't have your machine bolted to a table it needs to be. So u can hold pressure on injector, the locking tabs help but if u have them tight enough to seal they are hard to turn and has a wear problem on injector .I also had to file mine a little to keep it from rubbing the tubes. This is where melting the scrap down helps until u get everything working correct so u not wasting as much don't matter what color they are as long as they are light and dark. Might even come up with a new color. LOL Also clean injector if u have not, plastic gets around seal and can cause a problem with air also. Cub48
  13. I run mine on about 297 F after heating my plastic to 350 F i let it cool down to the 297 then start shooting. I also clean my injector after each batch . The first few batches i just heated injector and pulled plastic in to clear it out but started having problems with it not being equal so i started cleaning it up after each batch and have not had any problems since. Blow air thru the valves with them open will also clean out the old plastic in the unit. Just turn it on when it get up to about 175 F twist the valves open with a couple wooden dowels then blow back thru the valves and it will blow a worm of plastic into the pot that way it won't bleed the old color into the new batch. Cub48
  14. Well i didn't want to go over board. LOL like cookie sheets ,scents, bags, hardner, stabilizer, table, worm oil, ect,ect !!! Sounds like i might be trying to talk someone out of making plastic. But it is fun to see what u can come up with, Some times it is good sometimes it's looks bad u can always remelt and try again. Some one said buy a quart u can buy a gallon for almost what u can buy a quart for. Also the ones that don't use much at a time pour your 5 gallon in gallon containers and leave enough room to shake them up good, in the winter i will set them in a cooler to keep them from freezing. just another tip! some companies sell 5 gallons in gallon containers. u can order it any way u like it soft ,med, hard i use medium all the time but ordered a gallon of soft just to have. But before u buy 5 gallon either get a gallon and try or read and read and see how others like it if there are comments that it yellows or turns easy stay away . almost all have some bubbles but some are worse than others. Buy quality, i bought some plastic molds and did not like them .so if u want to try something just buy one then if u like buy others. Same way with aluminum molds don't buy but 1 and see how it injects see if it preforms the way it should then buy others. Just a few tips that i learned the hard way Cub48
  15. Even if u sell a few baits it not going to be cheaper unless u fish a lot. I make my own and still buy plastics. But like someone said it is a good feeling to catch a fish on a bait u made. There is another mold u want u buy one then u like it so u need 2 more . Then u want to shoot 2 colors so u got to buy a twin injector. then u want a mini shooting star. So u are looking at 15 to 20 molds at 100.00 each a single injector 50.00 then twin injector 175.00 then 20 different color at 4.00 5 gallon of plastisol at 132.00 Microwave 25.00 at thrift store a pancake grill at 25.00 6 measure cups at 5.00 each thermometer 10.00 clamps 40.00 that is 2067.00 and i know lot of little stuff i have bought that is not counted . Then another 1200.00 for the shooting star 120.00 for an extra injector and a heater for the extra injector 60.00!! around 3500.00 !!! How many packs could i buy for this amount. LOL Then i got lead jigs too we want go there!! Cub48