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  1. Adding Pearl Colouring to Plastisol

    extra fine glitter !! maybe Cub48
  2. Need help homemade hand injector

    The shocks i use are the ones that go bad they still work good for plastic . The oring can be replaced on the piston. If u know a auto mechanic he may have one lying around for free. Cub48
  3. Need help homemade hand injector

    It is a shock the oil had leaked out i cut the end off it has a aluminum piston with an oring i work at a Chevy Dealer so mine did not cost me anything we replace them when they go bad. I used mine a long time until i bought one that was machined from Bass Tackle Molds. Get the longer one if u want to buy as like now i have 4 molds and the one i have will not shoot all 4 molds without refilling. Cub48
  4. Need help homemade hand injector

    The liftgate shocks i was talking about are on Chevrolet Tahoe liftgates they hold the liftgate up when u raise it.
  5. Need help homemade hand injector

    I made one out of a liftgate shock it worked great for years. I bought a round piece of solid aluminum to make the tip. Cub48
  6. Do you need an injector for a senko mold?

    Go ahead and spend the extra 50.00 and get an injector. I have a trick worm mold that is hand pour i have never had a great looking worm come from it .LOL I do have some of the worm molds that can be hand pour each worm has its own spur but i tried to pour them with no luck i inject them. If u heat the mold it might hand pour have not tried this takes too much time with a heated mold. U have to let mold cool before u can get your baits out!!! When i tried to hand pour them they would set up before it got to the bottom of the worm. Cub48
  7. Clamping molds

    C Clamps marred my molds i use a carpenters vise it has two 1/2 rods on the bottom of the vise u can stack 4 -5 molds in it at a time i have tried all the recommend clamp and this the best i found.
  8. Plastisol UV protector( Baitjunky)

    There was not anything add to plastisol other than colorant maybe stablizer . Where i first came up with the problem was i bagged like 20 in a bag and made a cork board stapled like 30 bags to it a friend goes to flee markets so he carried them and would display them on a table in the sun after spring crappie season he gave them back the blue/ice had turned green . The Monkey/Milk and Green/ Silver were ok. I was just wanting to make sure my product was the best it could be. I have not had any problems with the ones i keep in the boat or inside . Thanks for all the input Cub48
  9. Plastisol UV protector( Baitjunky)

    please remove one of these thanks
  10. Hi Guys I am asking this question to baitjunky but anyone can reply. Do u know of a UV additive to help the sun from turning your baits ? Thanks just trying to help make better baits Cub48
  11. Hi Guys I am asking this question to baitjunky but anyone can reply. Do u know of a UV additive to help the sun from turning your baits ? Thanks just trying to help make better baits Cub48
  12. Plastic turning

    Ok thanks for your reply well i never had a problem but i also don't leave my plastic out in direct sunlight. You are right i dont have a load of color in the blue /ice or Monkey Milk Are there any companies out there making a UV stabilizer or extender . Maybe Baitjunky can give some information on this please. Would just like for my baits to last as long as possible and look their best. I guess this fall i will put my label over the product to help protect them. Thanks McLuvin175 everything sounds good . Cub48
  13. Plastic turning

    Hi Guys Has anyone had any problems with their plastics turning dark after they have been in the direct sunlight for a while. Like about a couple of days or so the first time i noticed it i had made a board for a friend to show them at a tradeday the blue/ice turned dark the green/silver or Monkey Milk colors were not affected but the other day a buddy told he had some monkey milk that turned brown , i have never had this problem before. Now the monkey milk of the buddies may of been out for a while not sure but we are going to try some with some other brands to see if it is my plastisol or is this normal i have them in the boat and in boxes never had this problem just started using this plastisol a year ago. Cub48
  14. Number of jigs in gallon

    i get 350 or more with 2 pints that is with no remelt of spurs and i have a plug in each pot so if u include these i would say 400 per 2 pints or a quart . i think i do around 250 with a pint when using a single injector and remelting plugs and spurs. The best way is take a cup with a single injector and see how many u can shoot as different molds have larger spurs and and some have smaller spurs i am also removing my seconds from this amount air bubbles and bad dents maybe 35 or more the reason on the 2 pint is i am not remelting using the mini shooting star and i have a good size plug in each pot. i later shoot the spurs when i have time or enough saved up to do a batch Cub48
  15. Good crappie molds??

    I don't like the lam plates i have tried them and had them to split where they come together. Plus lot of trouble to shoot and take the halves out and then shoot it again. I use the twin injector i heat both cups in the microwave to 350 F at the same time i then put them on my pancake grill to keep temp to about 300 F then i start shooting. if it is too hot it will mix not lam, I did just notice the tail mold i may order one if the price is right. I use Medium plastisol as of now Baitjunky's. It is doing good and i have not had any problems. I did have some problems with another company if u pm i tell u . U will like the 669 mold it is a very good mold i also use a carpenter vise to clamp my molds u mount them on your bench they have rods on each side they will set on them and will hold 4 or 5 molds at a time. PS i have not lost any tails with this mold Cub48