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  1. Cami

    Broken alignment dowel?

    ... me, too. Anyway, cyanoacrylate glue works with epoxy stone resin ... just tried. Bye. Cami
  2. Cami

    Painting plastics

    It depends by permanent marker: if you use a oil based marker, then it will work to bleed inside soft plastic, instead if you will use an alcohol based marker, as a Copic one, then it will rest on the surface. Moreover Copic markers and similars can be air brushed, for instance I use the Spritzer pump with success. Bye Cami
  3. Cami

    Mold making

    The raw material of stone mold should be epoxy resin added with marble powder and yes, the oversize of raw mold is machined by a CNC machine to obtain the thinest details. In Germany, some guys are realizing molds in corian with CNC machine and 3D printers, too. On the base of my personal experience the epoxy resin sometimes can dissolve a soft bait while you are trying to clone it. I really prefer the RTV2 silicone and with right insert and wall thickness you can obtain a stiff injectable 2 halves mold. Bye Cami
  4. Cami

    New Molds

    A branch of Po river, the biggest Italian river, called "Po di Maistra", conserves its ancient and wild aspect, for this reason has been compared to the Florida Channels ... so I will try these Craws (Mad Man) also there. Moreover, together with Bass, we have got the Killer Crawfish (that one from Louisiana), too. Bye Cami
  5. Cami

    "Painting" experiments

  6. Cami

    Copic Marker Airbrushed

  7. Cami

    New Molds

    6,5" Shad and 3,5" Craw
  8. Cami

    want to make pre-rigged worms

    Even if I agree with Anglinarcher, that is it should be better to sew a pc. of braid inside the long and thin worm, if you finally wish to include a wire insert, then you could try with a pc. of Mylar Tinsel. I do not know its tensile strength, but of course the #10 (1,6 mm) is recommended. Due the fact you can find several colors, at least with transparent worms you will give them an inner flashing dorsal. Bye Cami
  9. Cami


    Great ... as usual. Does it float? Bye Cami
  10. Cami

    Mylar Colors

    Are you interested to mylar glitter only, or to mylar net, too? For instance this is a pinkish mylar pipe and ... it is really simple to realize glitter from a mylar pipe with a good pair of scissors. Anyway you can find a lot of holographic mylar colors in pipe or sheet looking @ Fly Tying materials. Bye. Cami
  11. Cami

    Irridescent Powder: How to Make?

    Pure pigments colours can be used in plastisol. For instance with Mica you can obtain a white pearlescent texture. In Artcraft Stores you can find iridescent pigment colours, too. They have two properties: they reflect one colour and refract another one. For instance one of most famous is green/violet. Bye. Cami
  12. Cami

    Nail Art Powder

    ... just to show you other examples of Powder Nail Art effects. Bye Cami
  13. Cami

    Gelatin Bio Plastic??

    If you leave such kind of soft bait at room temperature, it will begin stiff as a chewing gum, so hook can be placed and a lot of casts can be made. To maintain the rest of bait flexible the trick is to conserve it wrapped in a plastic film. Anyway this kind of compound is really degradable and in a month you can see traces of mold ... honestly I prefer PVC. I personally had another experience with another bioplastic: corn starch. Our Supplier produced Party Plates with powder corn starch, obtaining a colored (in mass), biodegradable, Food Contact Material bioplastic, close to PS as feeling contact, but ... it was hard, nor soft, nor flexible. Bye. Cami
  14. Cami

    Gelatin Bio Plastic??

    Hi DIYEng., perhaps this link could be useful: Bye Cami
  15. Cami

    12 inch Swimbait in action.mp4

    If I was a Pike, then I will bite in same way ... it is too real!!! Bye Cami