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  1. FishingRaptor

    hard bait cookbook

    I was thinking the same Createx, metallic gold....
  2. FishingRaptor

    Gold Carp Foiled Swimbait

    Nice work Phil!
  3. FishingRaptor


    That is beautiful, nice work!
  4. FishingRaptor

    Morning Glory Gill on a Megabass S-Crank

    Looks great, nice work!
  5. FishingRaptor

    foil crappie NEW

    beautiful...nice work
  6. FishingRaptor

    Brook trout swimbait

    JUST BEAUTIFUL! Is that a swimbait you make?
  7. FishingRaptor

    final brown

    Nice work!
  8. FishingRaptor

    Swimbait Builders.....

    I found a video on youtube and the guy is making swimbaits. Anyway, he mentioned this web site for his materials for creating molds and casting materials for creating swimbaits for pike fishing! All the Best, Chuck
  9. FishingRaptor

    hand carved PVC Gizzard Shads

    Beautiful work!
  10. FishingRaptor

    Translucent Baits

    you do nice work
  11. FishingRaptor

    Bass Pattern

    nice looking bass!
  12. FishingRaptor

    Craw Pattern

    Great analysis Mark! Never thought about that......
  13. FishingRaptor

    100 2926

    Very nice!
  14. Beautiful wraps! The last two pics with the grips, is that an epoxy/thread ramp instead of using winding checks? FR
  15. FishingRaptor