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    For me it is about the size of the weight when trying to get through Hyacinth and Pennywort, out here on the CA. Delta. Profile makes a big difference when using 1-1/2 lead vs. tungsten. And the feel it gives you, and the durability. Its not plyable, bendable and cut your line like lead, if molded correctly? IMHO...
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    I was told that powder coat won't stick to Tungsten, without using a special process? Is this true or have you guys had a success with regular Pro-tec? Where can I get good high percentage tungsten, 3/4oz and 1 1/2 oz bullet weights? Without inserts... So I don't melt them when I try to powder coat? I thank you guys for you replies!
  3. Casey V.


    New to the forum here folks. Wanna start by saying hello to the masses! My first question / topic is how to paint / powder coat and where to buy 3/4oz and 1 1/2oz tungsten bullets for a good price? Is there anyone out there who has tackled this pocket busting problem of buying Punching weights for outrageous prices? I wanna be able to buy a quality tungsten punching weight and paint / powder coat it myself? Thanks for your help!
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