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  1. Who do i PM? I dont think they were violating anything. Just the same stuff thats already on here.
  2. Ok. I was thinking just putting a eye bolt and then running a rod down through it like ive seen before. Thats what im trying to figure out how to do.
  3. Im wanting to make a jointed topwater bait. my only question is how do i do it? lol
  4. Did you try weighting the back end? It will cut down on side to side some. depending on how much weight.
  5. Ive filed the edges down but never cut any off. It may mess with the action some?
  6. Yea i just do topwaters. Im not huge in it because im fishing all of these qualifying events so i dont have much time for it. Just came up with a really cool bait idea that i havent seen before.
  7. Thanks! that helps alot. I have just been using polyurethane from lowes. Its been working good but you can feel the wood. I have been applying it with small foam brushs. Is one coat all that a bait needs?
  8. Im pretty new to building my own lures. Im wanting to get some Devcon 2 Ton 30 minute Epoxy to coat my lures with. Do i just but it on with a brush or what??????
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