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  1. Below is a package sale of Norman DD22 crankbaits and I believe Bagley original "B"s ********$75 SHIPPED ****** 13 Norman DD22 4 Bagley? *Never been used* -Taken out of the package and traded hooks out for top quality Gamakatsu trebles. -Additionally, you will see I have written in fine red print on the bottom of each crankbait the depth at which I was GOING to use them in. This is on 6 of the 13 Norman crankbaits.(never used them though) Please post or PM me with any questions. Pictures should be below.
  2. to smallie hunter (and others), i have been trying to contact you through pm and such with no luck. i am very interested in your swim jigs/jig heads to purchase. if you see this or anybody who knows him and knows how i can contact him please let me know. i am interested in buying his swim jigs/jig heads he has posted in the gallery. i am cringing doing this but my email is nicholas.barnych@yahoo.com thank you guys!
  3. Hello folks, been a while since i last posted however i have what i THINK is an interesting question.... Before injecting my stick baits, can i place a weight (splitshot, nail weight, bb's, rubber internal tube weights-not sure what there called, etc. etc.) in to the center of each cavity of my mold??? I am trying to add weight to my stick baits (i understand the normal way-salt,sand...fine, course, etc.) Will the plastic inject properly? will the weight end up being exposed(because it sinks in the hot plastic)? will the weight be pushed to the end of the cavity? OR, will it work perfec
  4. Going to set up website to sell baits.Any suggestions?

  5. Quick question here folks: My idea is this, I want to drill a few small holes in my aluminum stick bait mold. It is a 5 cavity injection mold from bears. The point is that the plastic will fill the small holes creating a dimple effect at both ends of the bait, creating a little different look and possibly slightly different action. Is it possible to drill a small hole in an aluminum mold with a regular drill and a regular small bit? OR is the aluminum to hard and strong to drill through? What do you guys think??
  6. Hey all, what are some of the better names/products out there in relation to injectors, injection molds, etc.? In light of my last post, I am going to start injecting baits instead of pouring. For now, I will be making baits for personal use only but I would still like a decent amount of production. So, long story short, what do I need and what are some of the better products? (quality, speed of production, ease of use) Thank you in advance! nick
  7. Hi everyone, Been awhile since I posted, just got married and got back from my two week honeymoon( 1 week maui, 1 week kauai) AWESOME! Anyway, made a deal with the wifey that I wouldnt start buying materials and what not until after the wedding(had to save!!!) My questions are: who sells top poor molds? Are top poor molds consistent? do you guys recommend top poor molds vs open molds? can you top poor injection molds? p.s. the reason I ask is because I am kind of stuck between whether I want to inject or hand pour my baits, plus and minus to both.... Thanks for your help!! Wedding a
  8. in response to your starting a business question. Im openning a small tackle shop in Arizona. my plans are to carry my own line of soft and hard baits.Ill get to the point, Im looking for a small company or indevidual to produce soft plastics for my product line. Lets talk maybe this will be the answer we are both looking for.

  9. Does anyone know where I can find the berkley powerbait 5" saltwater swim shad mold??? Thank you folks! here is the link for a picture of the bait: http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_-1_10001_97166_151004005_151000000_151004000_151-4-5
  10. Hello folks, Still a rook on this site but have been reading and posting questions for a few months now...very addictive. This site is like my email, I have to check everyday. Thank you to everybody who takes the time to post helpful information. To the guys who have been doing this for years, thanks for sharing your knowledge and SOME of your secrets which have taken hours/days/weeks to figure out. It sure helps new people like me and truly speeds the learning curve. Without this site/forum I would have been overwhelmed and would have procrastinated to the point of no beginning. So ultimatel
  11. Hello all, for you guys who make baits for a living, or a side job, what mold material do you prefer to use? (1 part molds) aluminum, fiberglass resin, rtv silicone, or pop. I know most of these have their place but what do you prefer??? My point is, I have been making fiberglass resin molds and I have come to realize that there will almost always be suttle imperfections. Does this happen with other mold materials?
  12. For now I am making mostly craws/creature baits...yes, I have been glueing the baits to the bottom. Am I supposed to be DRENCHING the master with pam? I have been applying pam liberally but not drenching it and making a mess of it. Any thoughts???
  13. Hello all, Fiberglass resin or just me being dumb??? I have been making a few molds now and I have been coming across the same problem every time the mold is complete. When I take my master out, little pieces are getting stuck here and there and I cant seem to really get them out, not even with all of the little sculpting tools I have. There not like big chunks rather small pieces stuck in crevices and around the edges. I use pam on the master so I am not sure why this is such a problem however it is because it seems no matter how hard or long I try, I can not get these little terds out. Is
  14. What is the best STORE bought material for making molds? (ease of use, good detail, etc.) What is better, silicone/rubber mold or fiberglass resin mold? (detail, ease of use, price)...why?? I have been searching ALL over the place for mold making materials (paint stores, hardware stores, home depot, lowes, walmart) and the only thing I have found so far is fiberglass resin and water putty. I am getting extremely frustrated because I would like to begin making molds however I am stuck in the sense of lack of material options. I am not sure I want to order mold making materials online yet...
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