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  1. dark trout and stocker trout

  2. some paint on the 10 inch soft trout I've just finished.

    I don't mold real fish lol
  3. some paint on the 10 inch soft trout I've just finished.

    ahh , yeah...
  4. blue gills

    some is painted inside the mold, some airbrushed after the bait is cured. and yes, is silicone based paint
  5. blue gills

    trying some new painting techniques on my latest soft bait
  6. soft crappie

    The body material is silicone. As a matter of fact the molds are also made of silicone
  7. Tmp 21097 IMAG0205 858675120

    that glitter. crazy
  8. soft crappie

    An eight inch soft black crappie. Handpoured silicone, line thru system.
  9. 8.5 inches gizzard shad glider. final version

    thanks guys. Gino, yes I sell them. the batch for this month is gone.
  10. gizzard head prototype

    Thank you Ben. You are 100% correct, I've coated a few with auto clear and they look really nice. On one I used epoxy and I must confess it looks better than those coated with auto clear. Epoxy gives the bait a beautiful depth and makes it kinda "complete" so to say.
  11. gizzard head prototype

    Thank you bud