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  1. Help!

    The screws were just sitting on my table when i took the pic...not used for this
  2. Wrap lures help

    Search "how to photo finish"
  3. Big Underspins 7/0 and 9/0

    Is it just me...or is there a pic of a news anchor flashing her underspins after the video stops?
  4. Mesh for Scales

    The material in that pic is 100% mosquito head net that you can buy online or at walmart. Im telling you that is what you want.
  5. Help!

  6. Balsa wood screw eyes

    Never had one pull out
  7. Curly tail minnow mold

    Jacobs baits
  8. Thinning Epoxy

    I just realized that had nothing to do with the original question....carry on!!!!
  9. Thinning Epoxy

    I weigh the hardner and epoxy when i first open the package. Generally the hardner weighs 200 grams and the epoxy weighs 180 grams. So when I use it I weigh out 10 grams hardner and 9 grams epoxy
  10. Original Delmart Beaver Molds

  11. Another Newb Lure Maker!

    Use pvc to start....that way you can check the action of your design immediatly
  12. My Post Closed

    Montee clearly posted the recipe he used, and it seemed to me to be a tutorial post. Who cares.
  13. Painting Spinnerbait Blades

    Paint with airbrush, then dip the blade in a MCU.
  14. My Post Closed

    I agree, I never go to the gallery on my phone. Makes no sense.