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  1. Anyone know where I can find specs on Rogue Rod blanks? Tip and butt diameter, power etc. I have a few MB blanks and BB blanks but no info to order components.
  2. Took the trigger assembly out and reinstalled. Now it works. All good. meanwhile; I ordered the parts anyways and another Iwata Revolution just cuz.
  3. I think I have a trigger issue on my Iwata. When I push down, air does not flow at all. cleaned it thoroughly and tried another compressor. Same thing. Wondering if there is a fix or if someone has dealt with similar issues. I recently soaked the brush in the createx airbrush restorer. Wondering if I burnt an o ring.
  4. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Are these guys still in business?
  6. Man, absolutely coat the foil with clear coat or one of the spray coatings such as transparent base or 4030 balancing clear. That’s what it’s for and thinner than epoxy. I prefer epoxy to cover the foil edges, then paint. Good results. trying to spray transparent colors onto raw foil...not me. I’m not careful enough.
  7. Well it showed up in pieces with no instructions. Any videos out there? I don’t want to plug it all together backwards.
  8. Thanks, I ordered a 3 gallon. 1/3 hp.
  9. What size do y’all recommend?
  10. Looking for a reasonable degasser for my silicone. I don’t want to build one. Any suggestions on buying a complete set up?
  11. Ok, but I’m making molds for hard baits. I will try it there. dlaery- that’s a great idea. Thanks.
  12. Wow man!! That’s an eye opener. Where can I read up on safety measures for this?
  13. I want a vacuum pot for degassing silicone. What’s the best deal for a complete set up?
  14. My work shack. Kinda small, so I probably need to move some air.
  15. I have a little workshop that I do all my casting, sanding, airbrushing and epoxy coating. It’s a 12x 14 room with a window unit. I have a door and a window that opens on opposite ends of the room. It’s hot as the hinges on hell right now, but I need to be safe. I do have a respirator. Maybe I should open the place up when I’m pouring the urethane resin or epoxy coating. any other suggestions? I appreciate this post.
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