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  1. Well it showed up in pieces with no instructions. Any videos out there? I don’t want to plug it all together backwards.
  2. Thanks, I ordered a 3 gallon. 1/3 hp.
  3. What size do y’all recommend?
  4. Looking for a reasonable degasser for my silicone. I don’t want to build one. Any suggestions on buying a complete set up?
  5. Ok, but I’m making molds for hard baits. I will try it there. dlaery- that’s a great idea. Thanks.
  6. Wow man!! That’s an eye opener. Where can I read up on safety measures for this?
  7. I want a vacuum pot for degassing silicone. What’s the best deal for a complete set up?
  8. My work shack. Kinda small, so I probably need to move some air.
  9. I have a little workshop that I do all my casting, sanding, airbrushing and epoxy coating. It’s a 12x 14 room with a window unit. I have a door and a window that opens on opposite ends of the room. It’s hot as the hinges on hell right now, but I need to be safe. I do have a respirator. Maybe I should open the place up when I’m pouring the urethane resin or epoxy coating. any other suggestions? I appreciate this post.
  10. So basically use a respirator when pouring resins, sanding resin with micro balloons, and using epoxies. What about Createx Paints? That dangerous also?
  11. I do t understand how a 2 piece silicone mold can fit together with a gap that thin between halves and how the material can make it completely inside. is there a video of a mold like this?
  12. So I guess I could build a lure with two pieces of wood temporarily laminated together then separate them and bore out the insides and later mold both halves? Tthat way I could leave Internal infrastructure for the eyescrews and any other hardware? ive never molded something like that. Seems tricky.
  13. They are plastisol. Glued in place. Very lively.
  14. What’s the highest percentage of mb that you can get away with on a big bait? I’ve always thought 50/50 was max and anymore would be too brittle. I’m wondering if any have tried more than that.
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