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    Yes, I poured all of them.
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    Watermelon seed
  3. Well here is my first batch of lures that I made in a watermelon seed color. I used a cup of calhoun plastic and 20 drops of watermelon colorant. About half a table spoon of .040 black glitter. I made the trick worm mold out of POP, the senko mold is a two piece mold out of POP, and the u-tail worm out of POP. I bought the brush hog mold and the kodiak craw mold. I'm exited to get back out and start pouring some different colors soon.
  4. Yes, that is the hand pour 4.25 Kodiak Craw. By not going with a starter kit and starting with the hand pour it saved me around 80-100 dollars. If it goes as planned I'll get the starter kit from bear's next!
  5. Well I started out making my own swim jigs, then onto airbrushing my own crankbaits, and now into pouring my own plastic. My supplies came in this morning and I can't wait to get started. I got a hand pour kodiak craw 4.25 to start out and have a few POP molds that I made ready to go.
  6. I already have a rotisserie motor and spit. I'm mainly trying to figure out how to hold the baits. Springs on a wheel type set up?
  7. I already did, thanks for your reply though
  8. I'm looking for some ideas to make a drying wheel. I already have a low speed motor that will work. So please post some pics of what you've got and maybe a description. Thanks!
  9. Painting crank baits.

  10. Painting crank baits.

  11. Painting crank baits.

  12. Painting crank baits.

  13. Painting crank baits.

  14. Yes I just need to order some. My next one will be a shad pattern I think. I really want to try a bluegill pattern but I think that's a little complicated for me right now
  15. I picked up some split rings, treble hooks, and the epoxy today. This is my final product! I
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