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  1. I recently bought this lure at a flea market because i always read about the famous old balsa squre bill's with the brass line ties...i have tried to find some information on the value and what it is exactly, but i cannot find much. I think it is a wedge lip and to my understanding they were only made for one year. I think it is genuine. I know its balsa, and has brass line tie and hook hangers, also says bagley on the lip. I have attached some pictures for you guys to take a look at, maybe you can tell me a little more and what it might be worth??
  2. Video Of Small Lure Making Factory

    No problem, its amazing how you can search for hours for something you want and cant find it. Then when your looking at something totally irrelevant there it is! Ya i guess it's not small at all for a fishing tackle manufacturer, certainly much much larger then my "plant" (a small shed like building lol) ...I have worked in a very large manufacturing plant that makes pieces for air compressors so i guess i was comparing it to that...Anyways ya looks like they have quite the setup, i especially like the homemade track that the jigs were being hung on to be passed through the heat lamps, pretty neat.
  3. Video Of Small Lure Making Factory

    I stumbled onto this video and thought it was pretty cool. I dont know if this has been shown, but you will see at the end it is actually Just thought i would share it with you guys!
  4. Rebel Frog-r Crankbaits

    Seriously love these, what a great idea.
  5. Making Eyes

    If you go to the how2 tutorials section-->Hardbait how to-->click the thread "my painting tutorial videos"-->post #12. That is where the video by Solarfall for making fish eyes is located. Pretty cool stuff.
  6. [Closed] - Review My Progress

    Ya i agree with Rayburn, they look great! I really like the gill there on the far right. Keep it up, you will just get better and better!
  7. Painting Basecoat Question. Quick!

    Basically you just want contrasting colors. Black base light colored scales, white base dark and bright colored scales. Do a search on "painting scales" and there is lots of info. Here is just one link for example:
  8. Teflon Pin Usage

    I dont know about these teflon pins either. Care to share??
  9. 401640 10151171100775431 586820430 22285907 406421494 N

    Pretty cool, i really like did u get the spider web effect if you care to share?
  10. Dark Gill

    Thanks everyone, i always appreciate the good comments! Makes me excited to keep painting.
  11. Natural Gill

    Similiar to the Dark Gill in style, but more of a subtle color scheme. I just call this Natural Gill. Let me know what you guys think.
  12. Dark Gill

    This is what i call dark gill. Let me know what you guys think! I have two other patterns that are similiar in style i.e. same fins, scale design, vertical bars, etc. but with different colors. This pattern is one of my personal favorites and i think it is just a tad unique, although that seems almost impossible to do sometimes!
  13. Threadfin Shad

    Ya i thought the gold and copper tones made it look pretty natural.Thanks everyone, i appreciate the comments!!
  14. Threadfin Shad

    Group of Threadfin Shad i painted...Norman Fat Boy, Red Eye Shad, and Bandit 200
  15. Recipe Needed

    Actually looking closer the brown or copper i mentioned may be like a light pink or purple and some of that metallic blue and maybe just a touch of metallic green is thrown down on the sides too before the scales. Hard to tell from the pic, may even be some kind of chamellion paint instead.