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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. I am using long pot life urethane, it gets in the pot well before set up starts.
  2. Hi, can anyone help me out with this recurring issue i get with bubbles under the surface of resin lures. The explain further this is my method of casting my bodies Check humidity is below 40 before starting the resin is stored correctly mix a and b resin together in exact amounts 9 min pot life resin add micro bubbles upto 10% mix thoroughly vacuum degass the mix for 2 mins pour carefully into the mold (vented) place in pressure pot at 60psi for 2 hours. Once the blanks are set i sand off the sprues and usually notice a few black spots which are bubbles beneath the skin. I can drill them and fill but it takes time. Everything i read indicates that pressure will take care of all the bubbles but yet it doesn't seem to work in my case. Any help would be greatly appeeciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me if using a pressure pot with urethane resin would work even if used in a humid environment. My only available place to make bodies is in the garage and the moisture in the air must be quite substantial. Does this not matter is the body is cast under pressure? Thanks
  4. Hi, Has anyone ever had trouble with blisters or raised spots on urethane lures? Every so often (and without warning) they will apear on a lure, sometimes weeks after completion. I will explain my casting technique - I try to only cast the blanks on non humid days The micros are stored in an airtight container I vacuum the resin/micro mix I use a slow set up urethane 9 min pot life I pressure the molds to 70 psi and leave for 12 hours under pressure Once de-moulded the blanks are cleaned with de-greaser The blanks are left to fully degass for 2-3 weeks. I use a urethane primer i paint mainly with Createx I topcoat with envirotex lite I have often thought it must be trapped air escaping from the body but if i cut through the lure in the effected areas there is no signs of bubbles. Can anyone help as it is driving me crazy. Many thanks
  5. Hi, I am based over in the UK and there are only a few suppliers of plastisol colours, these tend to be quite pricey also. I am pretty sure i will be able to find an alternate supplier, maybe plastisol t shirt colours etc. Does anyone have any info that could possibly help me track down the correct product? obviously it could not be a water based pigment. Any help appreciated Baz
  6. lurebaz

    Presto Pots

    It seems like the bears baits one is my best option but he seems to be shut at the moment.
  7. lurebaz

    Presto Pots

    Thank for all the replies. Can anyone suggest a supplier of the pots complete with stirers. My budget is not great enough to get a shooting star type system just yet.
  8. lurebaz

    Presto Pots

    I have attached a copy of the mold i designed, I am getting ok results but because it is such a large mold 10" and uses a lot of plastisol using a microwave is not really viable. Also i must be stiring a lot of air into the mix,because of the mold orientation this air ends up in the head sometimes which results in a hollow head.
  9. lurebaz

    Presto Pots

    Thank you for all the help. Yes, i am UK based.
  10. Hi, I am looking to purchase a couple of presto pots for increasing my productivity, i have a few questions if that is ok? How important is it to get a stiring system. Is there a way to hold a double injector, one injector in each pot. Where is the best place to buy Many thanks
  11. This is my latest version of a swimbait bream. Polyurethane resin copy of a carved original, i carved the master from Beech.

    © Robinson Custom Lures

  12. lurebaz

    Jointed gliding Trout

    A few new jointed gliding trout 7 & 1/2".
  13. lurebaz

    gizzard head prototype

    That looks really nice Gabriel
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