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  1. Thanks Bob for clearing that up for me. I will fix the question. I am however concerned about cleaning oils from kids handling baits. Is there anything I can do that won’t harm the paint.
  2. What can I use or what needs done to prep a lure for UV resin? Some of these lures have been painted for a month or more.
  3. poloaman


    Wanting to shoot some ink but have never done so. Looking for some tips, pointers or must do’s before I do it. Also does the ink resemble opaque or transparent or neither. Also can you thin with 4012 or do I need something else? Can I use the same clean up procedures I use for paint? Sorry for all the questions I’m a noob and really don’t want to mess up my brush or my bait lol.
  4. And thank you. I have been a plastics engineer for 20 years now. Working in injection molding. One of these years I will make my own blanks lol
  5. Sonic welding is not that hard actually. It is definitely more expensive to get started though.
  6. My first try at painting
  7. Looking to see if anybody knows of anybody selling the blanks of the Ima Pinjack and/or the Ima Square bill
  8. It definitely would help. I would epoxy together then cut or stamp the shape. Then finish with another coat of epoxy.
  9. CD’s are made of polycarbonate the same thing as Lexan. Lexan is just a trade name for the manufacture Sabic for their clear polycarbonate. CD’s are very thin and the circuit board or phenolic board would be much more impact resistant
  10. Can you dip a pop max in the Alumilite UV with success without clogging gills and other holes in the mouth of the bait?
  11. Your cream, opaque colored baits are ABS but your clear ones are made of polycarbonate. If you have clear ABS then you actually have MABS and its impact characteristics drop considerably. The nicer baits are actually sonic welded together as it is easier than glue to control and will allow the bait to run truer out of the box.
  12. Do you have a design in mind and just need it modeled? Do you have a grade of material picked out? Or are you just wanting to pay for all the engineering work to be done?
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