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  1. smh

    Nordson 3500 Hot melt system

    This is a great hot melt system. Comes with heated hose and gun. Nordson 3500 is top of the line system. Works great have used it and no problems. Can be used on hot glue, plastic, wax, and many other applications. You can hook multiple hoses up if needed. http://www.nordson.com/en-us/divisions/adhesive-dispensing/Literature/PKL/PKL0056.pdf Selling for $3600 refurbished without gun and hose. http://www.axco.com/nordson-model-3500-hot-melt-unit/ Will not find a cleaner used unit for this price. Was used for plastic. Located in Texas east of Houston
  2. smh

    Jig Hook Help

    Prob just end up using 30deg hook. Don't really want to straighten thousands of hooks. So I will just make it work. Can't find a straight one.
  3. smh

    Jig Hook Help

    The eye is turned sideways and I would like the black coating.
  4. smh

    Jig Hook Help

    I am looking for a straight shank jig hook. Like the Mustad 32786bin but with a straight shank. No luck finding one. Any suggestions?
  5. No Luck. Guess I'll make the drive
  6. Can someone pm me Chris Archer email or number. Thanks
  7. Man I hope not. I hope I do not have to start over
  8. Dallas seems to have changed all his contact info. Does anyone know how to get a hold Fof him? Thanks
  9. Anyone know what it takes to make glass rattles? Can't find much on making them.
  10. I am looking for someone whi Nickel Coats wire forms. I have several thousand small wire forms that need to be coated. Any suggestions on who to contact?
  11. Thanks I have done alot of research and they are hard to find. The crimping is not a problem for me I just need stainless. I have found a few but they want a arm and a leg for them. I will keep searching. Thanks
  12. I have been searching for some stainless steel crimps. Does anyone have any ideas on where to get some? I can find Nickel coated but I need stainless steel. Help Please Thanks
  13. Anyone know where I can get stainless leader sleeves? I can find nickel,brass, and aluminum. But no stainless. Thanks
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