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  1. flyguys

    Drying Wheel

    Figured i would ask here i always just turn my lures by hand as i usually only make a couple but now some buddies want some and they are gonna give me some money woohoo but anyways i have no mechanical skill whatsoever is there anyplace to buy a drying wheel or if i have to build one is there a step by step anywhere. Once again i am not mechanically inclined so i plead with you help please lol
  2. i am a fly tyer so i will make this short and sweet. If you are just going to tie a few trebles just get a cheap AA vice Thompson makes a decent one. go to the fly shop bobbin wise i would buy a ceramic one as the metal ones have a tendancy to cut the thread. Now for thread that a tough question all people have their favorite and me too But i reccomend dansville or unithread. And feathers i like to use strung marabou for this application vs neck hackle marabou has a lot more action. There is a great guy on ebay (stores.ebay.com/miamivalleytackle) ( no affiliaton) where i get my stuff. The good thing about making your own dressed trebles is being able to make it in whatever color and length you want. You might also look into getting some Krystal Flash to throw in there make it real lively.
  3. flyguys

    Lake Eerie

    So taking a trip to Lake eerie with some friends and know thats Janns Netcraft is over that way and was gonna stop does anyone know if they have a physical shop you can go into or is it all distibution.
  4. flyguys

    Ohio Trip

    So taking a trip to Lake eerie with some friends and know thats Janns Netcraft is over that way and was gonna stop does anyone know if they have a physical shop you can go into or is it all distibution.
  5. So till playing with the new iawata. Still letting out a little more paint then i would like but poted a couple pics in the gallery ways to improve on these. Maybe a way to use the brush in a way i couldnt with my old one because i havent seen how this brush is so much better. But it may be my limited painting skills
  6. o i listed that i lost my set scre for my paasche. Weel this was the perfect excuse for my wife to let me get an iwata. So went to the store today and bought it. I am happy with the smoothness but i have to say I have been using a single action till now and having a real hard time controlling paint flow. I keep pulling it all the way back and spray way to much is there a way to change how much come out at the whole way back position or am i just gonna have to learn this now lol. Cant teach an old dog new tricks i guess cause i look like a newbie with this brush lol.
  7. flyguys

    My Airbrush

    this is a very small round screw only about 4 threads and take allen wrench and i have orders to fill cant wait on shipping. Do hardware store sell these mall screws
  8. flyguys

    My Airbrush

    so was cleaning my tips on my paasche airbrush and lost my set screw any one have any ideas how to hold my needle in cone in place now
  9. i gues i hould clarify i still use a bruh in hard to reach areas but the main body i use my finger it seems to give a nice smooth finish.
  10. Just curious, I have been finger brushing my epoxy on the lure and it is going on quite even i ued to ue a brush but after a few uses it was hard and tiff and would have to throw it away anybody else got any ways they apply it
  11. flyguys

    Mann's Lemon Shad

    If the glitter is the problem that is an easy fix i dont even use gliiter that much. Instead Createx sells some pearlized colors that has parkle already mixed in just thin it and shoot it easy as pie if you take a look at some of my galley photos that is the pearlized paint at work no glitter.
  12. flyguys

    Mann's Lemon Shad

    i am a big fan of manns baby series here i a link to the lemon shad color pattern for you for reference http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/descpageMANNCRANK-MB1.html#multiview
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