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  1. alaskan79

    Where Can I Get Some Figure 8 Hook Hangers

    I did find them. had them Henry
  2. alaskan79

    Where Can I Get Some Figure 8 Hook Hangers

    I have tryed Janns and they don't have them. I only need 100 pcs. Henry
  3. Hi I just got some crankbait blanks. They are a 2 piece blank with a male and female side that I need to glue together. What I need to know is were can I get some figure 8 hook hangers in size # 277- 250. The size 0 Do-It eyes are to short. Thanks Henry
  4. alaskan79

    Where's Dick?

    I also but in a order for some top coat and never heard anything back from them. Henry
  5. alaskan79

    Drilling An Aluminum Mold

    Hi You are right it would be a bump on the finished bait. But it would be a dimple or small hole in the mold. If you only go say .01 deep in the mold then you would end up with a .01 bump on the bait. Henry
  6. alaskan79

    Drilling An Aluminum Mold

    I work with aluminum everyday at work. If the drill gets hot the aluminum will load up the drill bit and break. Also run the drill bit at a high rpm helps keep the drill cool because it is taking a smaller chip with the fast speed. It sounds to me that you are just going to be putting small dimples in the mold and that should be easy to do. But use a drill press so that the drill will run at a 90 degree angle to the mold and you should have no problems. Henry
  7. alaskan79

    Captain Hooks Discount Warehouse Question

    I ordered from them over a weekend and had my order by Weds. of the following week. Henry
  8. alaskan79

    Using Smaller Wire Forms

    I have a DO IT spinner bait mold its a SJ-4-A that calls for .040 wire forms. I was wondering if I use .035 in it will I get a lot of flash by the wire? It is only .0025 smaller per side so I don't think it would. Thanks Henry
  9. alaskan79

    Powder Paint Question?

    Hi I have some jigheads that I am going to be powder painting. I know that you should first coat them with white if I am going to be using flourescent colors. My question is this should I cure the white then coat them with the other colors. Or can I just reheat the jig after I have the white on, then coat them with the other color. I was thinking of coating them with white then storing them that way and put the other colors on them as I need the jigs. Thanks Henry
  10. alaskan79

    How To Remove Paint From Spinner Blades

    Cadman I have tryed to PM you and it says you can't receive any more. Can you PM me the plans for the fluid bed please Thanks Henry
  11. alaskan79

    How To Remove Paint From Spinner Blades

    Well I got some paint stripper today. I took a glass jar that was going to thrown out and poured about a 1/2 inch in the bottom. I had some small wire that would fit the hole in the blade and I dipped it in the stripper. I left it soak about 20 min. and the paint was off the blade. I then washed the blade in cold water. All the paint came off real nice. I only did 6 blades to see how it was going to work. I left them dry then I powder coated them to see how they would look. I need to get a fluid bed to coat them it will be a lot easier. Henry
  12. alaskan79

    How To Remove Paint From Spinner Blades

    Thanks everyone for your ideas. I am going to try the paint remover. I will be doing it outside so that will help with the fumes and I will wear safety glasses and rubber gloves. I might try dipping them in it. With them being that small that might be the easy way to coat them. Henry
  13. Hi I have 400 #6 spinner blades that I need to remove the paint from. They have a White primer under the blue paint. The blades have a lot of blemishes on them. I used a dremel to remove the paint from one to see how hard it would be to use it. The paint is hard, so I am thinking that it might be lacquer. I am planning on powder coating them. The metal is steel. Thanks Henry