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  1. Try it with plain water to see if it will spray, if it will, paint is to thick. If it doesn't you have an internal problem like dirty. Good luck.
  2. I recently had a problem with my Badger 200nh pulsating while spraying. I found that there is a nylon bushing that the needle goes through that had enlarged and was causing air to leak around this bushing. Upon removing the bushing I noticed that there was unwanted dried paint just in front of the bushing. I suspect something like this is binding your needle. The fix on my bushing was to seat the old one just a little harder and it compressed back tight around needle. I pushed it out with a drill bit and back in with same drill bit. Good luck.
  3. Take your best glide bait and just lay it in the water. Mine sink like a rock, maybe not quite that fast but they only stay up because of how I work them. If it suspends in the water it will probably float on the surface. Unless you put some mechanism to make it sink below the surface. Just my $.02.
  4. Those lures look great. Some of the guys painting foil are using the "copic" (spelling) ink systems. That really is a transparent ink.
  5. Just a guess on my part, but if everything is tight, I would think part 27-1 might be the problem with the leak. I use tools to tighten even though they say finger tight for most parts. Google your air brush and you will find suppliers of parts. I would probably buy that whole bottom part and make sure to get the right part.
  6. Not what your looking for but the MuskyShop has 1.95" for $.60 each right or left.
  7. My thought was, do we really need any fins? A lot of good glide baits don't have any fins. Weight placement might be the answer. $.02
  8. Like Woodieb8 I spend a lot of time thinking of beautiful lures and paint patterns. Some turn out nice but most just make a nice warm fire the next morning. Still always fun and I enjoy the chatter that goes on. I always learn something new.
  9. Mark, I paint mine like you do and clear them with d2t. Just hang to dry. Good luck.
  10. Was the aluminum water based? What was the purpose of the Aluminum? I'm guessing the paint and the aluminum don't play well together. Good luck.
  11. I had the same problem with different brands and just took them to a good plumbing shop where they had all kinds of fittings to make it work. Good luck
  12. I'm betting the shelf life on the Krylon has run out. Try applying it to a clean piece of paper or scrap piece of wood to see if it will dry somewhere NOT over paint. Good luck.
  13. Try putting the paint in a different container like a squirt bottle so you can dispense the small amount you need at one time.
  14. I use a small bolt and nut, spin with a drill. Bolt goes through small spool.
  15. Closed eye and snap instead of split ring.