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  1. Try www.dadsoletackle.com .Pretty sure they have viewable schematics. Good luck
  2. Musky Glenn


    I just noticed there are fifteen people on this forum as I type. That is the largest crowd I have been in for two weeks. We (McDowell County, NC) had our first two cases of the virus reported today. Stay safe.
  3. Musky Glenn


    The one I use doesn't lock and so far I am very satisfied with it. I did push the end off one time when emptying it. I now know how little pressure it takes to empty and haven't pushed it off again.
  4. Nice job. I removed the windshield from my bass boat when I broke the second rod on the edge of it. Good luck.
  5. Maybe I don't understand McCoy's problem, but it seems to me he is not injecting hot enough if it is cooling down enough to cause a build up. My guess is he is not injecting at 350 degrees or he is picking up some "still unmelted used plastic" from bottom of liquid container. Why is 350 to hot, that is where I inject all the time. Thanks for any info.
  6. I would get a clear schematic and see if any parts have been installed wrong, Yoke upside down, etc. I know if you put left hand gears in a 5500 right hand reel they will do the same thing. Good luck.
  7. I used the edge of a file to cut a small notch in the end of the cylinder so I could insert a small straight screw driver and twist the nozzle out of the cylinder.
  8. I just question the need to lock the tip to cylinder. I have pushed the end off one time into the pyrex cup when emptying the injector. Not a problem to get out of hot plastic and learned how little pressure it takes to empty injector. Haven't had it happen again. I used long needle nose pliers to retrieve tip from plastic. Good luck. I filed a small slot in the end of the cylinder for a screw driver to fit so that I could force the tip off of cylinder.
  9. I use Bob Smith slow cure epoxy and don't thin. No problems not flowing out. I would guess you applied to thin and drug it out to much so there wasn't enough to allow flow out.
  10. Gate shears is what your looking for. Good luck
  11. Mark, Welcome to the world of Musky fishing. I once made a copy of a heavy musky lure out of plastic to reduce weight in casting. I made the lure hollow so it would fill up with water when in the water then immediately drain the water out for casting. Principle worked great but I just couldn't get the action exactly like I wanted.
  12. Those might be a smidge small at 3.5". The ones I am making are 8" long and 1.5" in dia.
  13. Upon using my tailpipe tube for an extended period of time I learned of several draw backs. First, the diameter may be to small as plastic tends to solidify to the sides of the pipe giving less room for dipping. Any touching of the sides causes terrible deformity to the dipped tube. Second, the best way is to let the dipped plastic cool between dips which also causes the plastic in the tube to harden also. This means cleaning out the pipe and remelting the plastic. It is an easy cleanup but still time consuming. Some type of controllable heat source might be an answer but I suspect controlling it would be hard as you only have a small temp window from approx. 315-375 degrees and I suspect this would cause hotter temps on bottom which would mean some type of stirring mechanism. It does make a nice product at a high cost of labor. In my situation it took two cups of plastic to fill pipe to working depth but it only took 1/4 cup to make the tube. I am a one man operation making for my self so two cups of each color takes more plastic than I want to commit to a project. I had thought about making all of them white then dipping in dye for what ever color I want.
  14. I have cut them from an old feeler gauge. Good luck.
  15. 2.5 " tail pipe material with a plate welded on one end makes a good place to hold liquid plastic for dipping musky size tubes. The tube baits are 8" by 1.5". Spray Pam inside of pipe to help in release of plastic for clean up. I do not sell lures. I just thought this might help someone else.
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