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  1. Musky Glenn

    Umbrella Rig wire

    I believe the piano wire will rust. Good luck.
  2. Musky Glenn

    Paint isn’t drying fully?

    My first guess is the shelf life of the paint has run out. Meaning it has some age to it. Try the paint on some sample and see if it dries without any heat, which it should, even though it may not work for a lure. That will eliminate the heat issue or tell you if it is age.
  3. Musky Glenn

    FSB-5 from MudHole

    I would recommend you don't buy any tools until you build your first rod. Learn to pull NYLON thread through the pages of a heavy book to keep tension on the thread. Learn to secure the thread with the proper positioning of the ends of the thread. All this can be found on youtube videos. Get some 20-30 minute epoxy to use over your wrappings. If you have an old rod that needs work, strip the eyes off and rewrap it. This will let you know what tools you need and you can see where you need to improve.
  4. Musky Glenn

    FSB-5 from MudHole

    Maybe someone with one of those kits will chime in, but I don't use one so I can't say how much easier it would be to build rods with one than without one. Have you built a few rods and see a need for one of those kits? I only build for my own enjoyment and don't see the need for that kit for me. The stands and turning motor would be nice but it can surely be done without. I would not have a use for the finish mixing bowl and the spline finding tool. Good luck.
  5. Musky Glenn

    Choosing guide thread

    Usually white thread will show the blank. Try a small area to see if it will work. Size A thread is more transparent.
  6. Musky Glenn

    rod finishes

    I have had good luck with spray can lacquer in clear gloss. Dries quick and is durable. Couple of coats should do. Don't spray when humidity is high.
  7. Musky Glenn

    Thread for ultra minnow ( spro type jigs)

    What BobP said.
  8. Musky Glenn

    gold plating

    Sunrise yellow over a chrome body gives a very bright gold color. It instantly changes from dull to shinny when it dries. There is a flash point when it is dry that it changes from dull to beautiful. Best gold I have found. Got to be applied over a chrome body.
  9. Musky Glenn

    Strip paint

    When I do remove paint, I use a sharp, short, stiff knife blade.
  10. Musky Glenn

    Tip Top adhesive

    Devcon works great and can easily be removed with heat.
  11. Musky Glenn

    primer not sticking

    Have you tried putting the zinsser on the bare wood?
  12. Musky Glenn

    How to remove cracked bills From wood baits?

    I've had some luck with a small drill bit working slowly to drill the lip out. Epoxy the new lip back in. Doesn't need repainting just to fish.
  13. Musky Glenn

    overcoat for chrome?

    My favorite top water lure is a salt water model of the Super Spook in Clown Color. It is chrome basically but the chrome won't stick from the factory. Great while they last.
  14. Musky Glenn

    syringe 2 parts epoxy( more than 5 min)

    No problem Chuck Young, this site is all about giving choices that work in our own situations. I failed to mention that I use those cheap nylon brushes and dispose of them each mix. I have picked up many good points from your post and look forward to many more. Good luck to all.
  15. Musky Glenn

    syringe 2 parts epoxy( more than 5 min)

    My $.02, I use Bob Smith's slow cure epoxy and pour from the 4.5 oz. bottles into what looks like equal size puddles of epoxy and hardner. I stir the two puddles together with the same brush I am going to coat the lure with. I do this on a clean 4"x4" sticky sheet that I make notes on by the phone. Sure ain't rocket science, but it works for me. I don't measure anything.