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  1. Mine don't have the pins but I have only pushed the end off one time and it didn't fall into the plastic because the plastic , around the outside where I had dipped, held it together. I just applied to much pressure when emptying after making a pour. I found my tips fit a little tight so I filed a notch into the end of the tube so I could open them with a straight screw driver.
  2. Dadsoletackle seems to have the parts, at least they list the handle for $16.99.
  3. On page 116 of the 2019 lure-craft cat. they offer the lure body, eye, and fin as a kit for $1.80 each in the following sizes, 1/8, 3/16, 1/2, 7/8 oz.
  4. A difference of a few degrees will allow the hotter one to flow ahead of the cooler one. difference in thickness affects it also. Good luck.
  5. Besides the bracket you will also need a blending block, and a seperater to tie both handles together. There are some close tolerances in those items but it is doable. I doubt you save any money over buying a ready made set. If I had the ten ounce size I would use it more than the twin injectors. Good luck
  6. I have used TWS for other things but don't remember the finish being that smooth when dry. It might work but I know the wood glue will.
  7. When I say refills I mean, I make my pours with the amount of plastic in the injectors. Tear everything down, clean, put molds back together and reload the injectors. That is what I refer to as between refills. Not the time between each mold. Between the second and third mold is when it is setting up in the blending block. It is actually getting hard at the end of the second mold and these are just 4" minnow swim baits, small slinder baits. How hot can I safely heat the plastic. I'm using an infra red thermometer.
  8. I am pouring four inch minnows in single cavity stone molds. Every thing seems to go nicely except by the time I pour the third mold the plastic in the blending block has set up. If i pour with one injector I can pour all four without any problem. It is just on the laminated colors that is giving me problems with the blending block. I am pouring at approx. 350 degrees. I am using Lure Craft medium blend plastic. How hot can I safely pour with out hurting the plastic? I try to pour fast between each mold but things cool way off between refills. Thanks for your help.
  9. If you want to make sure you are not missing spots, hold the lure toward a light and let the light reflect off the surface. When you are at the right angle you won't be able to see color of the lure just the shine of the epoxy. It is very easy to rotate the lure and tell if you have missed any spots by the reflection of the light. I use epoxy and mix it on a flat piece of paper by making two puddles of resin and hardner of equal sizes. I just eyeball the sizes and it doesn't seem to make any difference if off a little in size. I stir the two puddles together with the same brush I am going to apply it with. My thought of your problem is that it might have something to do with the type of paint or maybe a sealer you are using. Epoxy is usually rather forgiving. Good luck. Musky Glenn
  10. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good mold to pour (approx.) 3.5" paddle tail ring worm. Do the rings usually create a problem pouring? Which hardness of plastic is usually used for this type of pour? Thank you.
  11. There is a handy chart on the bottom of page 100 in the Lurepartsonline catalogue. It gives the best combination of sizes of components used on standard spinner baits. It makes matching parts for different size lures so much easier.
  12. I fish large spinner baits around a lot of fallen trees and it is nearly impossible to run a spinner bait through the limbs if it has a trailer hook. I don't have a problem with hooking fish and they stay hooked. Good luck
  13. I noticed artificial stone molds are cheaper than alum. what is their down side? Would they work for someone pouring baits for themselves only?
  14. I only use the closed loop. No R bends for me on any size. They just give less trouble with a snap.
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