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  1. Drilled holes in the wrong place...

    If the new hole is going to be in this existing hole then you need to cut a plug of same wood with grain direction going same way as lure. This will help eliminate the new hole from wandering to one side. Cut plugs 1/32" long and touch sand to exact shape. A dowel rod has the grain going the wrong direction and will be harder to sand.
  2. What kind of wood is this?

    If you had a few of the leaves that came off that wood back in the day, that would help also. Just joking. Good luck.
  3. paintbrush help

    Dried paint is usually the problem but you just never know when that once in a life time problem happens to you. Good luck, let us know if that fixed the problem.
  4. Airbrushing fluorescent paint without white undercoat

    A little different solution to your problem. I would punch a hole in a piece of masking tape, of the proper size of the eye. I would then spray the white base coat, let dry and spray the fluorescent paint through the tape before I removed the tape. High dollar masking tape from an auto paint supplier has less sticky to it than the cheap tape, thus it doesn't pull paint off as bad as the cheap tape. Good luck. I have best results removing tape by pulling at a sharp angle rather than straight up.
  5. Colorado Blade size on spinnerbaits

    Lure Parts on line catalogue has a chart for sizing all components on spinner baits.This will answer all your questions.
  6. paintbrush help

    Did you get any old paint out of the gun after soaking?
  7. paintbrush help

    The revolution does have a chucking nut on the needle that would allow the needle to be set at a depth the tip would bottom out on needle before it tightened all the way down on the threads of the tip. This would cause it to act similar to having a build up of paint.
  8. paintbrush help

    Could the needle be set to deep and not allowing the cap to tighten correctly?
  9. Epoxies for top coat

    Bob Smith is very similar to d2t. I can't tell the difference except easier to find. Good luck. Do you need a clear coat over lacquer? I thought they were self sealing.
  10. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    I didn't think the brushing lacquers were water proof. I could be wrong. Just going by the water rings that develope under a cold drink .
  11. autoborn sealer white+ .35mm nozzel?

    The diameter is probably the same but the taper to get to that diameter may not be the same.
  12. Airbrush paint booth

    That is one of the best ideas I have heard of. Good thinking
  13. Airbrush paint booth

    And we haven't even mentioned the environment and the requirements to meet building codes. Meeting Codes make it possible to collect insurance when you burn something down.
  14. Lund Boat

    That is a tough question with out knowing what you like to fish for. It seems like you have two boats that are not all that different. My first thought was to trade for something different. Pay extra and get a bigger boat for rougher water or go smaller for a boat that could be dragged down a bank into a small stream. I never considered having two boats a problem until it comes to up keep. Good luck.
  15. Clear coating in cold temperatures?

    I have used BSI epoxy in much cooler temps than 70 degrees. Common here in Western North Carolina. You shouldn't have a problem. Good luck.