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  1. Multiple Airbrushes

    I use two airbrushes with different size tips depending on what is being painted. I always only have one in paint at a time because of dry tip. I'm slow and cleaning tips is more aggravation than cleaning between colors, just my $.02.
  2. fluorescent?

    I keep a bottle of water near by so when I have trouble with paint I can hook up to the water bottle and see if the airbrush will spray plain water. If it will then I know the problem is not in gun but usually the thickness of the paint.
  3. createx

    You have the choice of using it as it comes or you can thin with water, depends on your airbrush and the result you want to achieve. It's just a lot of trial and error, you may need to do it different ways just depending on how your airbrush sprays, etc. Some of this can't be answered with a cut and dryed answer. Sometimes you just have to wade in and get your feet wet, so to speak. Good luck.
  4. New jointing method for Swimbaits?

    It looks like the same chain used on two ounce weights we use while trolling for stripers. That might not be a bending situation, but strength sure isn't a problem with the weights. Good luck.
  5. air compressor for budget

    I think that will be a noisy air compressor, but I don't think it will have to be turned on often.
  6. Pressure casting urethane

    I wonder if the bubbles are formed from gas, or are they just air pockets that didn't fill from lack of vibration, for lack of a better term. Good luck.
  7. primer sealer?

    ddl, I always hated the KISS deal, keep it simple stupid, but it sure does simplify things. I would suggest, until you get the bugs worked out of your system, to only use two products. Createx paint in any color you might choose or need. I would use the epoxy you are having good luck with. I would put a coat of epoxy on the bare wood, then do your paint scheme and clear coat with the same epoxy again or maybe twice depending on how one coat looks. That will get a very good paint job and should not create any problems with chemical reactions between products. Those work good together. Good luck.
  8. what's thr girth on that girl avatar?did you caught her when it was closed?

    1. Musky Glenn

      Musky Glenn

      Didn't take a girth, but she was 46" and weighted 28#2oz. I released it right there. Adger never was closed as far as I know.

    2. ddl


      look bigger than that

  9. I would think it comes down to having a license and the cash to buy in the quantities they will sell.
  10. Chroming your baits

    The best top water lure I have ever used is the salt water model of Super Spook in clown color. Chrome won't stay on so I have a small box with no chrome. I'm not going to sink the money for the chrome outfit that will do them so I just keep buying as I need them. I'm not going to pay $9.00 to have a lure chromed when I can buy it new for the same or less.
  11. help with repaints?

    If they won't come off easy, I tape over them. Good luck.
  12. Home Made Screweyes

    When you make your screw you have to pay attention to the direction you turn the wire. If they are unwinding just insert them by turning in opposite direction. Most of us rely on the glue to hold them in rather than the screw threads themselves. Some actually make the hole loose and fill with epoxy to hold screw. Test some of yours and see how they hold. Good luck.
  13. Smiths 30 min epoxy

    You can touch them up and they will be water proof, but you will be able to see it easy. Doesn't bother me but I don't sell. Best looking way is recoat entire lure. When I finish coating a lure I hold it and rotate it in front of a light bulb. At the correct angle you won't be able to see the color, only the surface of the clear coat and you can see every detail, good or bad. That is the time to touch them up.
  14. Airbrushing Large Baits

    On the musky lures I repaint, I never lay them down, always hang on wire. I have a nylon cord stretched over my paint booth and simply bend thin wire in a Z shape to go through nose ring and over the cord. I could hang 40 lures but I cant catch enough muskies to tear up that many lures. The worries of a musky fisherman.
  15. Best epoxy clearcoat

    MonteSS times 2