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  1. Game Changer ...My brother is buying one for us to use can't wait...
  2. WoW this could change how lure companies prototype lures?
  3. This is the first time someone close to me has suffered like she has and i thought i knew how i would handle it but man I was wrong just been a lesson in compassion for me....But faith for my wife...
  4. I am very sorry Cedar My wife has been in and out of hospital just this month to hospital 8 separate times 3x by ambulance Since finding out she has a tumor on her brain and Fibromyalga which makes daily living feel like hell.I never said anything to Cedar about this because i dont like to make excuses and for that i am sorry Cedar.Guys i started this before i found any of this out and it has turned my life into a Tornado.....I will make good on this Cedar If you can give me till next week my money is very tight right now but i will make it happen and yes i am embarrased about this AGIAN I AM SORRY Cedar Hope you can forgive.
  5. Joe no problem and you are doing a great thing getting son involved with lure making..
  6. Little River i will post pics by this weekend...Thank you
  7. Smallmouth I am sorry i thought i answered everyones pm Actually was going to call you is that ok?
  8. Post about needing plastics poured for our fatherless boys.
  9. Google Stinky Fingers lure company.....Saw this in bassmasters mag. Revolutionary or not what you think in Soft Plastics?
  10. It is open to all..... The next one is gonna be BIG...Thank you!!!!!
  11. Winner of our luremaking contest is Cedarlakemuskie I will post pic as soon as i can today or tommorow Be on look at for our First Annual ProVision lure painting shootout coming Jan.2013
  12. Guys the boys will be over tonight and i will post winner tonight.
  13. Guys the boys will pick winner this weekend...My wife was in auto accident and i have had to push things back a bit.Thank you
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