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    move south
  2. Gulp cranks

    Masaru? He's a friend
  3. CAD and 3D printing

    Modeled after the Darting R?
  4. Gulp cranks

    Jim built 3 different thicknesses. Fat- Fat, Fat-Regular, Little-Regular. Can shoot me a message and I'll email pics. Don't know if pics are wanted in the post.
  5. Need Help looking for crankbait

    Dink shoot me a PM. There are a few builders making copies or similar plugs and I know a couple guys that might sell an original, but they are not cheap now a days.
  6. Need Help looking for crankbait

    That's my pic BP is the top plug
  7. 20170602_083748.jpg

    Recessed line tie?
  8. Lighter #6 trebles?

    FINA Aero treble. Expensive sure, but they are killer finesse trebles. Love the design. I use them on finesse cranks too.
  9. Lexan

    Check and see if you have any local plastics companies. They usually keep a scrap bin to sell by weight or use for their other in house projects. I have gotten a 4'x4' sheet for free before. PS. they usually have several thicknesses as well.
  10. Lexan Lip Source

    Contact a local plastics company. They usually keep a scrap bin and sell by weight or use themselves when needed. I have paid next to nothing for large sheets and even been given some for free.
  11. Horizontal Line Tie

    Love me some SH4! Can't wait to see your version.
  12. Horizontal Line Tie

    I didn't get any of that builders cranks until he made models with a verticle line tie. Those are old models he has changed his line ties now.
  13. Cotter Pins As Screw Eyes

    Why not just build a thru-wire harness?
  14. Uv Cured Resin

    Dpalinsk, Thnx for the input. I have a UV finger nail light box. I am leaning toward a UV flashlight as the area to be sealed will be small and this is what my friend uses. Next question: What is the viscosity of Solarez? Something on the thick side would be idea for my intended use.
  15. Uv Cured Resin

    Ange is what a Japanese friend uses. Will Solarez cure clear? It will be used to replace holes I will make in plastic cranks. May or may not be painted over.