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  1. Recessed line tie?
  2. FINA Aero treble. Expensive sure, but they are killer finesse trebles. Love the design. I use them on finesse cranks too.
  3. Check and see if you have any local plastics companies. They usually keep a scrap bin to sell by weight or use for their other in house projects. I have gotten a 4'x4' sheet for free before. PS. they usually have several thicknesses as well.
  4. Contact a local plastics company. They usually keep a scrap bin and sell by weight or use themselves when needed. I have paid next to nothing for large sheets and even been given some for free.
  5. Love me some SH4! Can't wait to see your version.
  6. I didn't get any of that builders cranks until he made models with a verticle line tie. Those are old models he has changed his line ties now.
  7. Why not just build a thru-wire harness?
  8. Dpalinsk, Thnx for the input. I have a UV finger nail light box. I am leaning toward a UV flashlight as the area to be sealed will be small and this is what my friend uses. Next question: What is the viscosity of Solarez? Something on the thick side would be idea for my intended use.
  9. Ange is what a Japanese friend uses. Will Solarez cure clear? It will be used to replace holes I will make in plastic cranks. May or may not be painted over.
  10. Where is the best place to buy this resin? Ange super resin - UV crystal I need to get some for a bait modification project. Thnx, Mike
  11. Awesome!
  12. Awesome. Love the 45 degree resting position.
  13. "http://s1294.photobu...40fa2c.jpg.html" Jawjacker"s machine?
  14. Thanx for the pics of the Bandits. I have those too. These are different. They are not like any Gulps I have. Any pics of the Toxic Tackle lures?
  15. Unlike any Carolina Killer I have. I think it is from that area though. Can you post a similar Carolina Killer? That would be very helpful. I know there have been a few people build in the history of the Carolia Killer.