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  1. Wood Cornering Tool

    Has anybody tried these or a similar brand for rounding the edges on a lure. They look like they might be worth a try. Thanks Scott http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2084121/36880/Veritas-Cornering-Tool-Set.aspx?keyword=veritas_cornering_tool&refcode=06INGOOG&gclid=CIGG7srp1L0CFcx9Ogod5TsAZQ
  2. "Fascinator" Soft Tail Crankbait

    Decided to add a soft tail to my "Fascinator" crankbait. 8 1/2 inches long with tail and weighs 2.2 ounces.
  3. Double Bladed Musky Spinner

    #10 Mega Blades (Nickel) with two White Flash skirts.
  4. 8" River Run "Manta" Jerkbait

    Custom repaint on a Manta jerkbait.
  5. Adhesive For Foil

    I've wanted to try this stuff out but still haven't find the time. http://www.bare-metal.com/bare-metal-foil.html
  6. Freestyle Lure Painting Contest Begins Now!

    I received the plaque from youthinthewild. Now we can put this post to rest. Thanks Ken! CLM
  7. Freestyle Lure Painting Contest Begins Now!

    Youth in the wild gave me a tracking # and package is suppose to be here Monday. I'll keep everyone posted.
  8. Freestyle Lure Painting Contest Begins Now!

    Thanks for clarifying that. All I see is him logging in a lot and not updating me.
  9. Freestyle Lure Painting Contest Begins Now!

    He emailed me at 9:06 pm tonight. He says he has the plaque and I should get it Monday. We will see. I have been told this for months. I will post what happens.
  10. Freestyle Lure Painting Contest Begins Now!

    Oh by the way, I can see he can keep logging onto the TU site. He was on at 5:32pm and didn't bother contacting me. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Freestyle Lure Painting Contest Begins Now!

    He contacted me through another member on this site and wanted my address sent to his personal email. I sent him my address on April 4th and I haven't heard a thing from him ONCE AGAIN!!! I think your right Coley it is a scam. There was other guys who sent lures also. Looks like I will write this up as a loss! I wish he would quit contacting me and acting like he is going to send out the plaque and then nothing!! So much for helping out fatherless boys!!
  12. Freestyle Lure Painting Contest Begins Now!

    Still no plaque?????
  13. Fascinator Crankbait

    Thank you Aaron, yes I used a stencil for the vertical bars CLM
  14. Fascinator Crankbait

    6' crankbait made of cedar weighing just under 2 ounces in a Perch pattern.
  15. Manta Repaint

    Thank you, Hokieangler.