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    i am a country girl so i love the outdoors i hunt , fish , camp and love carving on gunstoks and my lures .
  1. Here Are My Questions. Can I Have Some Answers?

    hey there i am new also i got a book and it said do a poxy on it after you sanded your piece then after that dries do another light sanding on it . i did that and it worked great , i am hand painting my pieces i cant afford a airbrush either , after i paint my piece i mix the poxy again and brush it on let dry add hardware thats it has a great finish . I seen on here alot talk about using deft sealer that you can buy at your local lowes i was going to try that also. good luck i am learning still myself. Christina
  2. Foil Bluegill

    very nice great work . i am new to lure making is the foil technique hard where do u get the foil at and any tips yaw can give
  3. 2010-08-05_17.14.58.jpg

  4. 2010-08-05_17.14.37.jpg

    i hand carved then i had a scrap of metal i cut a bib out i going to order some bibs to make it look better . it caught me 7 bass though
  5. 2010-08-09_09.51.25.jpg

  6. 2010-08-05_17.14.37.jpg

    a jitterbug i carved got to order my bib for it i made that one out of material i had but it caught 7 bass
  7. going to do some carving today ill take all the tips i can on hardbaits



      Sorry Lurechica.. I just found this message. I was on Vac. just got back. Best tip I can tell you is use Balsa wood it carves easy. I use a dremmel, Hobby Knife and sandpaper.. Sandpaper and dremmel help with detail, hobby knife helps you get it to the size or shape.. need more advice just pm me..ill try and shoot a video this fall and show everyone..carved is fun and easy when you get the hang of it.

      The rookie


    really nice work . hope one day mine will look that good .
  9. hey there new to this site. new at making lures trying to get tips , you make any