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  1. JHodgie

    Crappie/bluegill Pouring

    Jacob baits makes several panfish molds. here is the link http://stores.jacobsbaits.com/StoreFront.bok
  2. JHodgie

    Lead From E Bay?

    the stuff i bought was great. it was about $1 a pound for fluxed pure lead. i dropped it in my lee pot and it poured great jigs. check to make sure they use flat rate boxes. i bought 20lbs and only paid 5 dollars for shipping. that is the only way i will buy lead now.
  3. JHodgie

    Ballasting Technique For Resin Baits

    it was tungsten powder. he was mixing it with soft plastics to get different sink rates and actions. i did a search on it and found that some golf shops carry it to weight club heads. i think half a pound was like 20 bucks.
  4. JHodgie

    Weighting Options- Powders?

    try calling your local golf shops. i did some research the other day, and found out golf shops carry it to weight the club heads. i think in found half a pound for 20.
  5. JHodgie

    Lurecraft Swimbait Fish

    are you guys using soft or medium plastic for that mold?
  6. JHodgie

    Dipping Blade Question?

    Perfect, that gave me way more info. then when i would type in dipping swimbaits. thank you.
  7. JHodgie

    Dipping Blade Question?

    another question would be if anyone is using different blade shapes? or if anyone has tried using deep cup colorados?
  8. JHodgie

    Dipping Blade Question?

    I am wanting to start dipping my own swimbaits and was curious what plastic does everyone like? not so much the brand but how soft? will lurecraft 502 be good? or are you guys using super soft plastic for these things? i want to get a order of plastic coming and i hate getting stuff that doesnt work right. thanks
  9. JHodgie

    6in Segmented Swimbait.

    i think that is what i did as well. i will narrow it down and make a new mold. i poured it in a softer plastic and didnt like it at all. i think it needs to be much narrower and poured with saltwater plastic. then it would meet my needs. thanks for the help
  10. JHodgie

    6in Segmented Swimbait.

    so i made my master and cast a 2 part mold. that went okay but anyway my problem is it doesnt have the movement i was looking for. i used lurecraft502 plastic. i actually am making this for pike so i want it to be somewhat tuff and i am using a 7/0 hook so i need some strength to hold it. so if it doesnt swim should i use a softer plastic or redesign with a thinner section between the segments. thanks for you help guys.
  11. JHodgie

    Foiled perch

    Thank you BBM, yes that is mesh netting under the foil. actually found the mesh at walmart. in the craft section.
  12. JHodgie

    Foiled perch

    they are 6in. havent been able to play with them much yet. had each one in the water for a cast or 2 and that was it. but they did have a S pattern swim when steady retrieved. looked like the glide was a bit shorter then i wanted but i need to test them more to tell for sure.
  13. JHodgie

    Foiled perch

    traced some small perch i caught ice fishing to get an exact scale. then made these 3 baby perch.
  14. JHodgie

    Harbor Freight Airbrushes

    i have one and that is all i use. actually just ordered another one and a table bandsaw, should be here monday. the airbrush i have is .35, so if the new one is .5 that would be perfect. Those harbor freight airbrushes are made by Master. i went on TC global and bought 20 somehting bottles to make changing colors faster and easier.
  15. JHodgie

    Foiled crappie

    Thanks guys. lets just hope the pike this spring like em.