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  1. bassnbrad


    Purty work! A bit small jk Tight Lines!
  2. bassnbrad

    Recent finishes 7.5" Easy Swimmer

    Thanks Cougar!
  3. bassnbrad

    Recent finishes 7.5" Easy Swimmer

    I apologize for not responding sooner. I just saw the email and realized I had sent it to the wrong folder. Thanks for the compliment. As far as the spots, I make a template by taking the plastic packaging from a lure box, or kids toy or whatever you can find that is able to be cit or drilled, but flexible enough to shape how you want. I used a 1/16" drill bit and drilled about 25 holes randomly in about a 3x1" area. To get sharp defined spots, hold the template right against the body and shoot your paint. To get softer or faded looking spots hold the template about 1/8" off the body and shoot your color. One of the main things to do here is shoot several light coats instead of one heavy coat. Hope this helps and tight lines, bb
  4. bassnbrad

    Recent finishes 7.5" Easy Swimmer

    Thank you sir!
  5. bassnbrad

    Recent finishes 7.5" Easy Swimmer

    Old is only a state of mind Ben... I would be happy with one or two big bites, but thanks! Will let ya know how it goes.
  6. bassnbrad

    Recent finishes 7.5" Easy Swimmer

    Thanks Y'all! Ben, you know me, I only slow down about once every 6 months or Hitting Rayburn in a few weeks for the yearly tourney. Hope you are doing well as can be...
  7. bassnbrad

    Recent finishes 7.5" Easy Swimmer

    Haven't been on here in a while and hope everybody is doing great! Here are a couple of new ones I am making and trying out a new clear coat. Tight Lines All! bb
  8. bassnbrad

    Back to Basics

    Thanks Barry. It is fun getting em wet with paint now and then.
  9. bassnbrad

    Back to Basics

    Got away from the painting whole bodies after I started decals. Decided to throw some paint at the bodies for awhile... Tight Lines All!
  10. bassnbrad

    10 inch slow glides

    Thanks Ben! Need to hit ya up about Big Sam next Weeks Tourney... Thanks Okie! Tight Lines Y'all!
  11. bassnbrad

    10 inch slow glides

    Here is one Vid on the carp And another one it is shakier, but shows the action better of the Shad not pictured above... Thanks For The Comment...
  12. bassnbrad

    10 inch slow glides

    A quick look at some new ones. Tight Lines all!
  13. bassnbrad

    ratsnake barra lure 140mm

    Hats off to ya for a wicked kewl lure!
  14. bassnbrad

    Some Cranks and tops.

    Thanks BBM! Hi Fishon-son, Thanks for the compliments, but I did these for a client a while back on the bodies he sent. I am in the middle of testing the new lures I am making and will be out of pocket for a while till I get those going. Tight Lines All! bb
  15. bassnbrad

    Glides, Topwater Walkers and a Sinking Glide

    Thanks, I appreciate the compliments. Tight Lines, bb