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    new lures 048.JPG

    My first attempts. All hand painted and hand carved because I have no tools. Not sure if they will catch fishermen but Im hoping they catch fish. Hardware to follow...
  2. SunnyMaster


    Thanks Bob! Yea, I've been reading all the opinions on different topcoats and I'm pretty impressed with how dedicated you guys are to your craft. I've made flies for years (that sometimes catch fish ) using my fly kit, hackles, and then random stuff I have in my basement (cork for poppers, old wiring for legs, beads for eyes, etc). So while I like to experiment and do it on the cheap, it seems a lot of the luremakers here are all trying to come up with the holy grail of lures, which is pretty cool and makes me want to do better. I've read about the toxicity of laquer in some of the other posts. Assuming I am only making one lure per week and spraying the laquer outside, is there a huge downside to using it as a topcoat as I start out? Besides the poly - which doesn't sound like what I want to use - laquer is my only other option right now. It's called Rust-Oleum Specialty Laquer?? The packaging says it creates "an ultra-hard, high lustre finish." Thanks bud, love your website! I'll post a pic once I finish my lure. It's a topwater striper lure made out of really light pine. I carved it all by hand, which took a really really long time!
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    I just made my first bait and I was going to use some polyurethane to coat it, but when I opened the poly it has a brown tint. Is all poly clear? The reason I ask is there is no "color" on the label (like many wood stains have), but due to the slightly brown tint, I'm confused. Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot - I normally tie flies, but this wood-carving stuff is a lot of fun.