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  1. barr5150

    balsa wood supplier

    I second national. I've bought from specialized for a couple years, and was happy, but they really screwed me around on the last order.
  2. barr5150

    read my lips.jpeg

    That's pretty sweet!
  3. barr5150


    Benton, the question I asked was missed and I didn't want to hijack the thread. I'll send a PM. Thanks
  4. barr5150

    FIELD TESTING CRANKBAITS can build them without having to tune them? Not saying it's not possible but I haven't been able to. The only reason I bring it up is I hate freezing my tail off in the winter months tuning 100's of cranks. If I could get out of it I would sure like to.
  5. barr5150

    Just a color I made up.

    Paint looks good. Mind sharing what lure body this is?
  6. barr5150

    Rattle Traps cheap

    Are those the 3" bodied ones? I think I only have the 2.5"
  7. barr5150

    Rattle Traps cheap

    I have a 100 painters, no hardware. $100TYD if your interested.
  8. barr5150

    Dip And Turn White Primer?

    Delta labs out of Florida sells a white build coat for plugs. You can't turn it while drying though. Dip and hang.
  9. barr5150

    Kbs Diamond Clear

    Yes, this stuff isn't like Dick nites. Dripping back into the jar does introduce more bubbles in the mix though.
  10. barr5150

    Kbs Diamond Clear

    I use mason jars as well. And yes, Nathan is right. Clean the lip of the jar or you'll never get it back off.
  11. barr5150

    Kbs Diamond Clear

    I do 2. One after paint and another after the lip is installed.
  12. barr5150

    Kbs Diamond Clear

    Ya, smells like an automotive clear to me. Your not gonna get away with dipping this stuff in the house. KBS is allot like dick nites but it just doesn't "go off" so quick.
  13. barr5150

    Kbs Diamond Clear

    The thinner the mix the quicker it dries. If it's not extremely humid and you have a fairly thin mix you can handle the plugs in a few hours. I've fished plugs that had their final coat just 24hrs earlier. For customer lures I try to let them sit for a good few days before tuning/shipping.
  14. barr5150

    Kbs Diamond Clear

    For plastic lures the problem has to be in the mix then. Watch introducing bubbles into it and you should be fine. Also, no need to rotate this stuff. Hang and drip.
  15. barr5150

    Kbs Diamond Clear

    I found you can't mix this product before dipping. Open the can or the jar you have it in and start using it. If you think it needs to be mixed or you just added a little xylene to cut it you'll need to let it sit to give the air bubbles time to dissipate before dipping. Also, you can't let the plugs drip back into the can. Every drip causes bubbles in the mix that the next lure will grab. If the container you have it in is wide enough you can dip the plug on one side and let it drip off on the other. The bubbles will stay in an isolated area for awhile. For me it's easier to just dip and hang. I don't bother letting the product drip back in the can. I tried letting the plugs drip over another container so I could save the product but it really isn't worth it, your hardly left with enough to save. If you sure your mix is clean and not "aerated" make sure the sealer your using is doing it's job. If a wood plug isn't sealed correctly it will bubble like crazy when it's dipped in this stuff.