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  1. They are listed in the classified section at $650 for the pair but, I have someone on the hook for them.
  2. I posted my diving lip punches in the classified section if anyone has interest.
  3. barr5150


    Designed for lexan these punches will stamp certain types of G10 as well. Both work as they should.
  4. Hey I say you post about specialized balsa. They are the closest supplier for me on the west coast. 

    Do you mind me asking what problem you had. I’m looking to order some soon.



    1. barr5150


      I shot you an email.

  5. I second national. I've bought from specialized for a couple years, and was happy, but they really screwed me around on the last order.
  6. barr5150

    read my lips.jpeg

    That's pretty sweet!
  7. Benton, the question I asked was missed and I didn't want to hijack the thread. I'll send a PM. Thanks
  8. BentonB.......you can build them without having to tune them? Not saying it's not possible but I haven't been able to. The only reason I bring it up is I hate freezing my tail off in the winter months tuning 100's of cranks. If I could get out of it I would sure like to.
  9. barr5150

    Just a color I made up.

    Paint looks good. Mind sharing what lure body this is?
  10. Are those the 3" bodied ones? I think I only have the 2.5"
  11. I have a 100 painters, no hardware. $100TYD if your interested.
  12. Delta labs out of Florida sells a white build coat for plugs. You can't turn it while drying though. Dip and hang.
  13. Yes, this stuff isn't like Dick nites. Dripping back into the jar does introduce more bubbles in the mix though.
  14. I use mason jars as well. And yes, Nathan is right. Clean the lip of the jar or you'll never get it back off.
  15. I do 2. One after paint and another after the lip is installed.
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